Here is a clip that tries to explain the Law of Success in today's modern life.

I find it interesting as it proposes that the reason each of us strive for success (whether in work, studies, knowledge etc), it is because society views success highly. This means each of us strive towards gaining recognition from society in every way we can, we want and need the attention of society. We then attribute the resulting success/accomplishments (base on society's benchmark) to ourselves. What is interesting is that since the goals come from society, then shouldn't the success/accomplishments be attributed to the society instead? Then the next question that pops up is, why would one want to work for society to adhere to its standards to be slave to those standards ie. nice car, nice job, nice wife, nice kids etc. Why can't I work for myself? But then again, what goals should I choose if its success rely on society's acknowledgment. Ok... my head is spinning now.