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Money Saving Tip!

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    Money Saving Tip!

    I just hated it, when I could not get the last 1.5 oz out of my $18.00 - 4 oz pump moisturizer. I once weighed the new container and then again after it was "empty" - and yes indeed there were 1.5 oz left. That meant, I actually paid $24.75 instead of $18.00 for the product. Argh!
    The same goes for lotions and other likewise products. I will start using the newly bought product, then after a while turn the old container upside down to let the content slide into the new container. It was messy and cumbersome and didn't work very well.
    I just discovered, if I heat the old container for about 10 - 15 seconds in the microwave (I am sure one could heat it up in a pot of boiling water as well) the stuff gets liquidly enough to just pour easily into the new container.
    Maybe this is an old trick - I just didn't know about it. But these days - every penny saved is worth it. Just thought I would pass on my "new discovery".

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    Re: Money Saving Tip!

    For once I agree with you Ache. But we are both mistaken. I did a miscalculation and you didn't catch it (hehe!). I should have worded it "the cost of the product is $28.80 - not $18.00".
    But whatever price, that was not what my post was all about - so it really didn't matter. It was about to get to use the last few drops of an expensive product.