October LoseIt

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    October LoseIt

    Hi, fellow losers!

    having dipped to a weight I wasn't comfortable with, I set my budget to gain and am at my goal, again.  All my clothes fit great, and I feel like a million.  The control counting calories gives me...well, I'm sorry I didn't do this 20 years ago, but better later than never, right?

    We are approaching party and comfort food season.  This is the time of year, last year, that I lost my weight!  Not by avoiding parties or skimping on the yummies of the season, but by LOGGING EVERYTHING and making up for over budget days on days I didn't have anything special going on.

    I love rich, decadent food but don't like that pesky red calorie bar creeping over my budget.  Just discovered an excellent - gourmet even - way to lighten up alfredo by HALF yet miraculously increase the creaminess and boost the flavor.  Whipped turnip!  Or, carrots or parsnips, I suppose. Make half of your regular cream sauce recipe.  Use half of the remaining milk that went unused to blend with the very well cooked/boiled chopped turnip to make it perfectly smooth.  Add the whipped turnip to the original alfredo and season.  I played up the turnip's flavor by adding nutmeg, cloves, and thyme, but you could just add extra of what you generally use for your white alfredo/cheese sauce to taste.  The richness is unbeatable, the calories cut by about half.  To enter in LoseIt, call a cup of the sauce half a cup of "mashed turnip" and half a cup of homemade alfredo or cheese sauce.  

    You can stay on track this "food season" if you commit 100% to logging.  No deprivation, just total mindful eating.  You can do it with me!!!

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    Re: October LoseIt

    Kar - Thanks for checking in.

    I have not been faithful logging, shocking I know:)  I am doing OK and down a couple of pounds.  Also trying to make sure I have breakfast and lunch prepared and brought to work to avoid the cafeteria or take out in my travels.  Dinner hasn't been that great.  Although, there  have been a few nights I did pick up take out for husband and I made something at home.


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    Re: October LoseIt

    Mindfulness is really the key, and it achieve that by logging, but if you have lost some weight you are being mindful of what you are eating, eating only when you are hungry, etc.  Identifying that dinner is your ultimate downfall is half that battle, as well.  Keep doing what you're doing, and before you know it 2 more lbs will be gone.  2 lbs here and there in the right direction will get you to your goal.  Great job!!!

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    Re: October LoseIt

    Oops, spell check run amok...that's how I acheive it, not it achieve it!