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wall cabinet and recessed medicine cabinet

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    wall cabinet and recessed medicine cabinet

    ARGH!  We are having our laundry room painted and want to replace the very old metal cabinet.  Also want to replace the recessed medicine cabinet because the one we are removing is incredibly ugly. 

    We are looking for:

    wall mounted cabinet with doors, made out of wood or very near to wood (as in, not obviously melamine but could be if very high quality) doors have to be solid, not glass

    need doors because we store laundry detergent and other stuff and that should remain hidden

    needs to be 54" long and 24" high.  could be a bit shorter, bit higher, bit shorter, bit whatever.

    we looked at Lowes and Home Depot: nothing

    just killed myself on the stupid IKEA website and there isn't anything this length - could do 2 kitchen wall cabinets or 2 over the refrigerator cabinets stuck together but that's going to look like 2 cabinets stuck together, and have to make sure doors open when so close to another cabinet.

    where else would you look?

    Recessed med. cabinet. again, home depot and lowes have very few options the right size, because oh, yeah, our recessed hole is 14" by 171/2" and most want a 20" hole.  SERIOUSLY?  And the hole is framed on all four sides, so kinda don't want to recut hole.

    OH, and I don't want to spend $400 to $700 on a med. cabinet (yes, there are many with that price). But, since the hole in the wall is there already, and we are looking at studs and air conditioning conduits, we gotta go with another recessed med. cabinet unless we want to get someone in here (quick, cuz painters are here doing all 1st floor, won't be long before they get to bathroom) to patch that hole permanently.

    You do not need to do my searching for me, but where would you look?  struck out with, and searching on the internet is overwhelming and also frustrating bec. of the price.  Anyone have any secret places/stores/online that they know are good go to places?

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    Re: wall cabinet and recessed medicine cabinet

    Sounds like you have exhausted most options, CT-DC. To enlarge the hole for your medicine cabinet is not a big deal. It won't take a carpenter more than a couple of hours to do it. You will have to pay a carpenter, but if you can save by not getting a custom made cabinet, it will be worth it IMO. Naturally it has do be done, before your painters gets there.
    If it is above the sink with a mirror, another option would be to just cover the wall with a mirror and store medicine and other items elsewhere.
    If is on an adjacent wall and you don't need the mirror, you could frame it and put in shelving. Then store nice looking items there and other items elsewhere.
    Re your laundry room cabinets. Why only 24 inches high? Do you have a very low ceiling there? I have just kitchen cabinets over my washer and dryer. They work perfectly well. They are 30 inches high and I still have about 6 inches space above them. Mine are plain door Formica. Very nice and modern looking, even though they are 20 years old.

    Do what your heart feels is right; you will be criticized anyway.
    - Eleanor Roosevelt

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    Re: wall cabinet and recessed medicine cabinet

    Found it!  The medicine cabinet - after going through about 5 different websites over the course of 2 hours one day, and then another 30 minutes the next day, we found a cabinet that has a large enough mirror with the right (small) opening.  Had to order it,but only spent $115. We ordered one that looked the only one we could find that would fit, but then realized that where the hole is on the wall, you couldn't SEE into the mirror - it would be too low.  So back to the drawing board - and I discovered that the websites don't do a good job telling you which ones have a certain recessed size - so when I clicked on one we really wanted, the hole was the right size, even though the mirror was much bigger!  I would like to redo their searches on their website, grrr.

    We are going to just get kitchen cabinets from IKEA. They won't be long enough (longest wall cabinet is 36 inches long) but we can put 2 next to each other.  Pingo, it is fine if the cabinets are taller - and I'd agree that 30" is more helpful, the deal was I was trying to find them longer than 36 inches, but that's a no go. 

    Took TWO DAYS to wrangle the current cabinet (metal, from 60s) off the wall - the screws were put in with anchors and 1/2 the screws were spinning in the anchors so they wouldn't come out.  Had to use a drill to drill through the heads of the screw (who knew?) and then the heads came off and the cabinet could come off the wall.  There are still metal screws and anchors in the wall, but that won't matter since we will put up the next cabinet in the studs, not just anywhere on the drywall!  If this cabinet had been screwed into drywall it would have been much easier to remove.

    We didn't want to just pull the cabinet off using a pry bar (although honestly a few times we were very tempted) because that would have pulled the anchors out, bringing huge chunks of drywall that would have had to be replaced.

    The first floor is looking good - painters just need to finish 2 more rooms, one today and one on Saturday.  He is very slow and for the most part good - although my husband and I will certainly be going around after he leaves with a paint brush to fix many places where the chair molding meets the wall above it - he just doesn't get a good edge there with his tape.  But the ceilings are done well and the crown molding, and the walls, and those are all areas that aren't that easy to fix for me (who hates ladders) so that's good. Its just frustrating that we are it costs $4500 to have all the painting done and we feel like we are going to be doing touch ups after he leaves (because when we talk to him about the touchups, he says he'll do them, and then after he's "done them" we find more, or the ones he did do aren't touched up fully - 1/2 the area is, but the other isn't.  So we've just decided that the big ones we'll mention, and then we'll just walk around together with tiny brushes and small cups of paint and fix the other things.  I think we're probably too picky - but I could do a better job, I just can't take a month off my job to do it, and that's frustrating because when you pay someone to do it, you'd like it done right.

    so anyway, I AM going to do the bedrooms upstairs this winter, one room at a time, which I can handle on the weekends.  Decided not to do it that way on the first floor because it's hard to just do one room without impacting all the rest (at this point, every flat surface on both floors has art, vases, shelves, etc. that have been  moved from one place to another for the painting - my husband keeps walking around muttering "I want my house back") Laughing

    The great news is that we love the colors.  Sometimes when you get the paint up you don't love the color, and that would be a nightmare, as it would cost more $ and time to change  and have him repaint. 

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    Re: wall cabinet and recessed medicine cabinet

    Hi CT sorry I did not see this before, I am glad you got your med cabinet issues worked out.  We had a similar problem and ended up refinishing the inside of the cabinet (the mirror was in fine shape) and reinstalling it because the size was not made anymore...

    Has anyone recommended a paintbuddy to you?  You might google and get one for each of your wall colors so that you can do quick touchups after all the painting is done.

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    Re: wall cabinet and recessed medicine cabinet

    We don't want to keep the old med. cabinet because it was incredibly UGLY, and went with all the UGLY fixtures (toilet holder, towel rack, light switch(!), etc. that was there when we bought it 7 years ago. So we took off the equally UGLY wallpaper and put paint on. And have bought all new fixtures that are our style. 

    that is, all was ugly based on our likes - we just painted this bathroom a lovely shade of purple, but I do know that isn't everyone's cup of tea, LOL

    ooo, paintbuddy is cool.  we'll look into getting some, thanks.

    we actually don't need a med. cabinet in this bathroom, it's a 1/2 bath on the first floor so we don't need storage of toothbrushes, etc. BUT since the hole was already there and we'd have had to pay to drywall over it, we just figured buying a new med cabinet was the way to go.  It's just hard to find them to fit, but we did it (as long as when it comes we don't think it's the ugliest thing in the world, LOL

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    Re: wall cabinet and recessed medicine cabinet

    CT-DC, glad you found a solution. We painted our bathroom purple at our office, we recently remodeled. Everyone went OMG - but now love it. I saw it at a friends home, and fell in love w/ the color. It is very soothing.

    Love the idea of the "paint-buddy", Hats. Never heard of them. Will get a couple for my ofice. Alwys scratches here and there. Thanks for the tip.
    Do what your heart feels is right; you will be criticized anyway.
    - Eleanor Roosevelt