Wedding Day

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    Wedding Day

    Good morning tt, pingo, mothermitzi and all my board friends:

    Just a note to tell you my daughters wedding was perfection from beginning to end. Hanna held off until all outside pictures were taken and we were having dinner. The bride and groom never stopped smiling, the disc jockey made sure everyone got on the dance floor, and all family feuds were forgotten to make this a very special day. It was wonderful to watch family and friends having such a great time.

    I want to thank each one of you for your kindness, support, suggestions, opinions and advice throughout the wedding preparation process. You have no idea how much help you were and how much it was appreciated.

    Sunday I felt like I was on vacation and wanted to open a bottle of wine for lunch.

    So happy the boards are back.

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    Wedding Day

    Good morning putt,
    So glad to hear your "day" went so well. But how could it not with you and all your chat friends rooting for you? I am especially happy to hear that the family feuds were forgotten. Hope for you it will stay that way. Love, Pingo
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    Wedding Day

    That's wonderfull Putt! Contratulations and enjoy the wonderful memories created.
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    Wedding Day

    Good morning, mother of the bride

    So glad the weather cooperated on your daughter's special day. I kept thinking of you all during the day. I'm sure you'll keep hearing from people who were there about what a wonderful wedding and reception it was. A new chapter opens for you -