Zimman's Fabric

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    Zimman's Fabric

    Hi - I am looking to buy some fabric to recover some cushions, and well pricing it out with some fabric swatches I found a Joann's it is getting pretty pricey.  I had read about Zimman's being a good place to get a good deal on fabric but I have never been there.

    I looked them up and the Lynn location is about a 45 minute drive for me, and their Hudson location is about a 40 minute drive for me.  Since the drive time is pretty similar for either location I would imagine I would want to go to the larger location for what I would pressume would be a larger selection.

    Are the prices really that good?  And do they have a large selection.  For the largest piece I will need 13.5 yards, so I am looking to find a place to get a good value for that amount of yardage.  Then I will need addtional pices at smaller yardage amounts.

    Opinions or other suggestions on where I can get good prices on fabric?  Thanks!
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    Re: Zimman's Fabric

    I don't know about Zimmans or where you live, but I have been to Winmil Fabrics on Chauncy street in Boston.  I bought some fabric there a few weeks ago to cover my dinning room chairs.  They selection is okay, not too huge but they are inexpensive.

    There is also Sewfisticated Discount Fabric in Somerville.  They have a good selection and low prices, but their customer service is crappy at best.
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    Re: Zimman's Fabric

    Thanks dkb, I would rather not travel into Boston I hate having to deal with parking.  But I checked out the address for Sewfisticated and I am guessing they have parking, which does make the idea appealing.

    I live within 5 miles of NH, but if the bargain is good I will consider a trip so thanks for the tip.
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    Re: Zimman's Fabric

    I have had good luck at Zimman's in Lynn.  Not sure if their other location is bigger or smaller.  The Lynn store has a large selection. I had no trouble parking at the Lynn store.