Black Helmet Firefigher Apparel...great gift idea

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    Black Helmet Firefigher Apparel...great gift idea

    Black Helmet Apparel ( has debuted as a runaway favorite for men's, women's and children's casual apparel and accessories.  Founded and designed by a third generation firefighter, the line has become a "must have" among firefighters nationwide and has exhibited mass appeal as fans clamor for more of the edgy brand with a statement.  Black Helmet's designs are hand drawn and relay the fearless, but frightening side of firefighters' jobs.  What started as a way to add fashion sizzle to represent firefighters' passions has erupted into a worldwide phenomenon with fans getting tattoos of the Black Helmet logo; comments logged daily on the Black Helmet Apparel Facebook page; and requests for Black Helmet appearances around the country.

    The Black Helmet Apparel line features men's, women's tee shirts, sweatshirts, dress and polo shirts, workout shorts, and board shorts.  The children's line features tees and baby tees, and hats and accessories round out the collection.  All showcase the powerful Black Helmet Apparel imagery, such as  the Firefighter's Prayer Tee Shirt which features the prayer, "Lord, protect our firefighters. Keep them safe each day and night. Give them courage and strength on each rescue and fire they fight." Angel's wings, the haunting eyes of skulls, and other deep imagery highlight the unforgettable apparel collection.

    The company is dedicated to supporting the firefighter community and contributes a portion of all profits to not-for-profit charities and foundations including The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, The Leary Firefighters Foundation, and the St. Baldricks Foundation for Childhood Cancer. In fact, Black Helmet designed a shirt for the '09 Leary Firefighters New York Marathon running team and is donating $10 from the sale of these shirts to the foundation.

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    Re: Black Helmet Firefigher Apparel...great gift idea

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