Do you shop at Talbots?

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    Do you shop at Talbots?

    I also believe that the clothing there is quite matronly and in need of updating. It's too bad considering that the quality of the clothing is excellent. It is so hard to find clothes these days that don't pill or come apart after a few cycles in the laundry. Why can't Talbots redesign their clothing lines, keep the quality, yet still appeal to young and old alike?
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    Do you shop at Talbots?

    Matronly? Some things ARE frumpy and matronly. This summer, the batch of dressy dresses were hideous. In general, I love the Hingham store and plan to stay a size 6 forever to be able to buy the sample sizes. I seldom buy matching pieces, suits, etc. Separates to mix and match - great. The quality is wonderful. WAh, Don't close my favorite clothing store.
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    Do you shop at Talbots?

    Let us hope Talbots recovers from this. Peterman's did not.
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    Do you shop at Talbots?

    Love them, but generally can't afford it. However, I do have a couple of nice sheath dresses for mixing and matching for work that were purchased on sale. Great to have a few quality pieces to work with. Never bought children's or men's clothes there anyhow.
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    Do you shop at Talbots?

    I do not shop at Talbots; never have...never will. I find them to be too conservative as well. I like Chico's, Marshalls, and TJMaxx. I am 41.

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could have conversations on line without people insulting each other about grammar, spelling, and/or the such? The question was whether we shopped at Talbots or not.
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    Do you shop at Talbots?

    The men's & children's stores were a mistake. As well, I have seen a steady decline in the quality of Talbots clothing over the last 10 years and the quality of Talbots service.

    I recently walked out of Talbots Petite store in Burlington after spending quite some time going through a rack of slacks while a nearby clerk (with really bad hair), completely ignored me in favor of putting out new stock.

    The basic quality of the clothes is now extremely hit or miss. Material is cut incorrectly leading to bad seams; poor quality material; closures (zippers, buttons, etc.) that don't work, etc.

    I disagree with the idea that Talbot's is for the over 60 crowd. Talbots used to be for the woman who didn't go for fads & trends -- just well made, classic styles. It was my go to place for wardrobe foundation items -- ie the well tailored blouse, the classic black pencil skirt, etc.

    So, Talbots, go back to business rule 101: stick to the knitting! Focus on the quality and service your core customers expect.

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    Do you shop at Talbots?

    Talbot's is overpriced and understyled. It wasn't always so.
    I have a few garments in my closet that I bought years ago
    from them. But for the past several years I have been
    unable to find anything I want (or can afford.) Sorry to
    see a local company so close to the precipice though.

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    Do you shop at Talbots?

    I bought clothing for my self and had to return the articles. My husband was with me. The woman @ the Talbot's counterr said "reason for return?" . Before, I could answer, my husband responded "FRUMPY".

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    Do you shop at Talbots?

    Frumpy clothes for women with absolutely no sense of self-worth.
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    Do you shop at Talbots?

    OK, they were frumpy, but have you seen their new line for Fall/Winter 2008/2009. Georgeous. Amazing affordable luxury. I had written them off, but now I am back. Unbelieveable turnaround. They have definately done a 180.
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    Do you shop at Talbots?

    My wife shopped there for years; she said their Petite sizes and the quality of some basics like turtlenecks, pants, etc. were big reasons. There were always some colors or styles that she thought were too "preppy" for her, but overall she loved their unique sweaters and basics. Now, though, she says they seem to be trying to "go young" and as a result, she doesn't go there as much, doesn't like what they are doing both style-wise and design. It's a shame, though, I always used to be able to get her some nice gifts there, since I knew just what she liked.
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    Do you shop at Talbots?

    I especially liked the children's clothing. I never had a problem with quality. I agree with Litchik that the children's styles where a break from the 'thug-o-rama' look pushed at the Gap and Old Navy, etc. As the parent of a 'tween' girl, it was a relief to find nice clothing for girls that didn't scream "hoochee mama" and have '100% Angel" or "not innocent" written across the derriere. Sad to see the children's line going away.
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    Do you shop at Talbots?

    I am in my early 50's and shop at talbots for basics, like black pants. They fit my figure better than the brands for younger women do. Forget finding anything sexy or stylish there.
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    Do you shop at Talbots?

    I used to get my office wardrobe there, and sometimes good quality jeans and slacks and classic turtleneck sweaters and tees, but lately their clothes look really unattractive. (I'm retired so no longer need so many suits and pantsuits.) They can't leave a classic alone - their version of a blue blazer was junked up and really unattractive - and their "fashion" tops all looked junky. Ugly prints, ugly styles, harsh and ugly colors and peculiar fabrics. It looks like an attempt to be modern and trendy, but with bad ideas. What JJill has become under Talbots ownership is also too bad. I looked at their on-line catalog and sale sited and I've never seen so many really ugly clothes. Too many tent-like things, designed to conceal fat. Lots of back pleats and gathers to hide large rumps. Too bad, because I used to like both stores.

    I agree that Talbots was a quintessial women's store, and brand-expanding into men's clothing was a really dumb idea. It's a common problem, the urge to extend a brand and build an empire, but it usually doesn't work.
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    Do you shop at Talbots?

    I used to buy shoes on sale, but the last 2 times I went in, they could not find the mate to the shoe on display. My visits were 6 months apart (both at the Boylston St. store) -- I realize this happens occassionally in retail, but it seems Talbot's control over inventory management processes is lacking. As a result of my experience, I will NOT shop there ever again. It's a total waste of time. Why waste time looking at merchandise that is not available for purchase?
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    Do you shop at Talbots?

    Dear Girls,

    I've now glanced at three or four pages of comments. It reminds me of the duet, that Maurice Chevalier and Louis Jordan sang in, "Gigi." (e.g.: "the leaning tower, I adore; indecision is a bore, ....") There are kudos and pans.

    I was in a Talbot's Store ...once!

    It was not laid-out properly. There was plenty of staff ....looking for a sale. For what they offered, it was over-priced fpr the market but the workmanship or workwomanship was, "high-end." Most items were either 32 or 16 stitches to the inch. Anything less is very chancy to purchase. However, if you believe in the guideline of, "no more slips," and wanted to purchase skirts or dresses that have the slip-like material sewn-in, you'd be out of luck.

    When purchasing a skirt or a dress, the hemline should either be at your knees or your ankles. Why? You don't want the hemline to be at the fattest part of your legs, it adds, "visable," width to your waist-line, that, perhaps, doesn't exist.

    I was a buyer for 25 years. I'm semi-retired. I'm working two jobs. One as a favor to a friend (my cooking position), the other keeps my health-care benefits in place.

    So, these past two years, I don't shop anywhere too often.

    It was back in 1999, that I went inside; nothing inside excited me. Perhaps, if I was a Catholic School-girl, (again) ....but I can only dream of the bye-gone years. Ask me about my Penny Loafers some time. I, "loved," my saddle-shoes (When I couldn't wear my heels. the store had, "high end," items but what, "lunatic," manufactuers think that hemlines should be 3/4'ers down your leg? If you're going to spend $80.00 to $120.00 for a skirt, why should you have to take it to your tailor before you can wear it?

    There is a major difference between, "selling," and, "marketing." Selling requires the person to create a need for the item. When you market, you find out what the customer wants and procure it and sell it for a fair price. Stores that need to offer 60% to 70% off, shouldn't have been in retailing to start with.

    Talbots liked to, "sell," their merchandise but they never did their, "homework."

    I did buy a pair of, "Santa Claus earrings," though but no clothes. I even let my Ann Taylor Loft card expire doe to non-use. Ann Taylor is great as is, "Blair-dot-com." However, the, "Mother-of-the-Bride," dress came from Macy's. .. with a double discount. However for skirt-suits, I use Blair. It's perfect everytime.

    So, do I shop at Talbots? Yes. once; in 1999. I still get compliments on my Skirt-suits when I go to the Summer Fancy Fancy Food Show in Manhattan. I also got complimented on my outfits from TJMAX. By whom? Duke Ellingotn's youngest grandson, Paul Mercier Ellington.

    So ... Talbot's ... no great loss.

    Sisterly yours, you-all,

    Missy Susan
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    Do you shop at Talbots?

    "What I love most about shopping at Talbots, the items I have purchased over the last 15 years, especially pants, jackets and sweaters are still in fashion in style and color. Also, they are usually very easy to mix and match with purchases made over the years."

    Really? These items were most likely never "in style" which accounts for still being "in style".

    Talbots has looked tired for many years. Style, as Talbots defines it, ceases to have any meaning.

    Could we just let Talbot's pass on with dignity?
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    Do you shop at Talbots?

    I work in an office in town, right near the Talbots on Boylston/Clarendon St. You would think that, for office attire, it would be the perfect store....and it is, for someone who's about to retire w/no fashion sense. I went in there last fall to see if maybe they'd updated their look - no such luck, I almost fell asleep browsing their fall line. Luckily there's a Marshall's two door down, which has nicer clothes at a much more reasonable prices (and Filene's Basement is right across the street). I can't imagine Talbots being around much longer, their ship has sailed.
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    Do you shop at Talbots?

    Gee -- I hope I'm not as "frumpy" as everyone says! I'm 47, 5'9" and an hourglass-shaped, high-waisted size 10/12. Until about a year ago I used to buy tons of stuff at Talbots, especially their pants, which used to fit me well (wise up, people: low-waisted is NOT flattering if you have hips and are not stick-thin!). I have several special-occasion dresses from them that I always get compliments on (as well as approving stares from men). For those over-35 professionals who think Talbots is "frumpy" -- where the h_ _ _ do YOU shop? Chico's, where everything is glitzy, flashy, loud and overpriced? H & M (poor quality, tiny sizing, no sales staff to help you)? The Gap (also tiny sizing)? All those teen stores that sell belly shirts with "Golddigger" written on them and $200 ripped jeans?
    Anyway, I think Talbots has fallen on bad times lately but it's unfair to say they've ALWAYS been frumpy and that anyone who shops there is "not interested in sex" just because she doesn't dress like a hooker.
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    Re: Do you shop at Talbots?

    The discussion caught my attention so I logged onto talbot dot com.

    What they have is very nice (read: attractive) from a man's point of view assuming he is not looking for someone who goes around jiggling her ***** or shaking her *****.

    Ever notice how some people stand out in a room and others (like ya know) blend into the backdrop?

    Case in point.  There was an axiom women followed for getting dressed[up].  Before you leave, check yourself in a full length mirror.  Then, remove one piece of jewellery.
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    Re: Do you shop at Talbots?

    Can't really add anything different, but how they've survived all these years being the overpriced flagship of "old and frumpy" for as long as I can remember is a mystery to me.  I've bought black slacks there for work - that was the dress code.  They do have curvy, "real woman" cuts on skirts and pants, but what real woman under 80 would want to wear them?

    As for their kids line, they never should have gone there.  Way too expensive for things that are outgrown in a few months.
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    Re: Do you shop at Talbots?


    H&M is fun; I really don't care for salespeople hovering over me, they make me feel like a shoplifter, which I'm not.

    I like Anthropologie, which is too expensive for what they offer, but they have excellent sales; also, good prices for their garments on ebay. Urban Outfitters - the same.

    Please, please, don't dress me for the boneyard - I mean, Talbots - until I ready for it.

    As for colors - could we please do away with the dusty pastels, and the 1 million versions of peach that is so Talbots?

    There are plenty of shops besides the chains. I used to like Potpourri in Newton Ctr, I bought a beautiful silk opera jacket (waist length) there.

    There is much between Talbots and Delias to find out there.
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    Re: Do you shop at Talbots?

    Jeffsdate, you can look modest and be up to date.  Ann Taylor fits the bill; they keep up with fashion without compromising a true lady's style.  Talbots is fashionless if not well fitting.  Like I said, I got great black pants for work that were curvy in the right places and sit at my waist there, but they aren't anything that makes me stand out for my fashion sense.
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    Re: Do you shop at Talbots?

    In Response to Re: Do you shop at Talbots?:
    Before you leave, check yourself in a full length mirror.  Then, remove one piece of jewellery.
    Posted by SlimFairview

    If I did that, I'd be going around with 1 earring all the time since earrings are all I wear...

    And I don't do Talbots, but will someone PLEASE tell me why my mother and aunt continue to buy me clothes either from there or Chicos for my bday and/or Christmas every year?  I'm 36 and pretty much exclusively shop at Ann Taylor Loft because their clothes are cute, affordable, fit well and I don't have the patience to shop anywhere else.
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    Re: Do you shop at Talbots?

    Hey I bought one shirt from Talbots, it is nice and long laster,