So back in May, to spice things up in our marriage and surprise my hubbie for his 28th BDay, I made a major hair and style change. I had always had dirty blonde hair with some highlights and a part and donned a more natural look. Kind of like Amanda Bynes here:

Well, I took it in the polar opposite direction and pretty much went platinum with bangs. Almost exactly like Anna Faris here:

He'd been hinting the last few years he'd like to see me look a little girlier and blonder, so I took it to the extreme. For a good part of the summer once I got used to the change- I really owned the look and got some really feminie dresses and heels and bought a lot of new makeup. The blonde sort of washed me out- so I started to go with more vibrant colors like purple, pinks, etc.

Needless to say, my hubbie aboslutely loves it. So much so that when I mentioned tha its fall and time to go darker, he begged me not to. It's an expensive look to keep up. I used to be much more of a low maintenace girl and this has certainly changed that.

I know he likes the change. And I love how affectionate and attracted he is to me, but we live in Boston- not SoCal and I don't know many bleached platinum heads around theses parts.

I honestly want to keep, I love the attention and like the new me- I feel more polished and feminine. However- my mother doesn't like it and even my hairdresser has said- in my profession, it bucks some norms.

Two questions: Do I tone it down maybe? To a dark honey or strawberry? Or should I just go au natural again? And also- in a professional environment- is it ok to do the platinum look permanently? My boss thought it was a cute phase for a while liked it but now I think she's hoping I get in line with our conservative environment a little more.

Like I said- I like the look, but I like my old look to. The hubbie is crazy about it and I love the attention. But I don't think it is 100% in my conservative office.


PS- We may be l=moving to Atlanta- and if that happens, I doubt I will be remotely worried, as being blonde in the South isn't as frown upon up here (my husband hails from the Atlanta area).