Finagle a Bagel has announced a new addition to the Finagle menu line-up – Bagel Sliders.  Bagel Sliders, plain, mini Finagle a Bagel bagels (approximately 1.25 oz each), are each topped with one of four different types of cream cheese (plain, strawberry, scallion and lox spread.) The mini bagels use the same recipe as the larger Finagle hand-boiled and baked bagels -- the only difference is their smaller size. They are packed 4 to a box for $3.79. “Sliders are cool. We hope adults like the variety and that they are easy and fun for kids. The varieties of cream cheeses we have selected are creamy, savory, sweet and salty. Finagle’s Bagel Sliders will make a new and innovative breakfast -- or a great snack anytime,” explains SJB and Finagle President, Laura B. Trust.   About SJB Bagel Makers of BostonSJB Bagel Makers of Boston, Inc. and Finagle a Bagel are located in Newton, Massachusetts. Finagle a Bagel is a leader in the casual dining sector and offers a wide selection of bagels, freshly prepared sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups, flatbread pizzas and other casual dining fare. The company is headquartered at 77 Rowe Street in Newton, Massachusetts.  For more information visit  

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