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Hanger Steak

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    Hanger Steak

    De-Mystifies the Hanger Steak

    What is it??
    Where does it come from?
    How to prepare and substitutions if you can't find it

    Hanger Steak 411

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    Hanger Steak

    Sounds pretty good. I am of two minds on the Dijon. On the one hand I like the taste, on the other hand I don't like to cover the taste of the meat. Certainly garlic, salt, and pepper enhance the taste without covering it up.

    I did a similar thing last weekend with a lower cost cut. I think it was a London Broil Underblade chop. I used olive oik, garlc, pepper, paprika, salt and dry oregano. I cooked it fast over an open fire. It came out tender as butter.