Hi oldman,
Happy Chinese New Year to you too!
We had a friend, who owned a Chinese restaurant (moved out of the area,unforunately) - and every Chinese New Year, he would invite us for hisNew Year celebration.
He would close the restaurant and invite his extended family, plus special restaurant frequenters.
The food he would serve, would be nothing like the ones he had on the menue. Just awesome. Absolutely awesonme.
I once asked him, whyá these items were not on his regular menu. Some of them were not very expensive to make.
His answer, which bothered me quiet a bitá - was thatá inthis area ( Boston) one has to do as the Bostonians. They don't likechanges. IMO he could have had a great restaurant with a menu on realchinese food only. But I guess, money talks.