Since I'm not as active as I used to be, I find that the holiday season presents the bigggest challenge to not gaining weight. With all of the parties and get togethers where everyone pulls out all the stops, there are far too many opportunities to indulge in delectable delights. Not to mention all the gifts of food that show up from my relatives. Last year I tried to lose a few pounds before the festivities began. That didn't work out too well. So this year I decided to look for a way that will offer me the opportunity to partake of the delicious offerings, and somehow not over indulge.

 I found out if the party you're going to attend will be serving primarily hors d'oeuvres, remember, appetizers can be one of the most fattening things out there. So before you go, eat a small meal at home so that you won't feel as hungry when you get there. You'll be inclined to eat much less than you would have on an empty stomach. This way I figure I can eat one or two of each thing, instead of the three or four I might have eaten.

What I have learned lately is that portion size is everything. Here's a recent study that shows how the size of the portion does really matter and how we don't even know when we're full. People judge when the meal is over by when their plate is empty. From now on, I'm grabbing the small plate.