Mediterranean Home-Style Chicken

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    Mediterranean Home-Style Chicken

    Believe it or not, chicken was an acquired taste for me. However, Lizabetti keeps coming up with really good chicken dishes.

    This Mediterranean Home-Style Chicken was a great weeknight meal because it is only about 30 minutes of cooking time. It can also be made ahead, like during the weekend, and then reheated.

    Just to spark some debate:

    Lizabetti used fresh garlic in the sauce but she used garlic powder in the dry rub for the chicken. I know that some of you disagreed with this practice in the past, but have you tried it in dry rub?

    We have this debate in our house all the time because I like to use dry rub on many meats, but I pat the meat with fresh garlic first, then coat it with a dry rub. Lizabetti likes the way powders work in the dry rub.

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    Mediterranean Home-Style Chicken

    This sounds wonderful.  I can't wait to try it......soon!!  I'll let you know how we like it.  Thanks.