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Pig Roast HELP!!!!

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    Pig Roast HELP!!!!

    Need some help!!!  We are going to be doing a pig roast in a few weeks, and are trying to find someplace in the NH area/northern ma area that rents a rotisserie for the pig.  We have the grill already lined up...but they didn't have the rotisserie to go with it.....does anyone know where we can rent a rotisserie for a pig???????
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    Re: Pig Roast HELP!!!!

    It isn't a real pig roast if you don't use a hand turned spit; turn it every quarter hour, drink beer and occasionally baste the pig with wallpaper brushes of vingar and water or beer. Of course you also cover the pig with chicken wire to keep it intact as it cooks to fall apart tenderness-yum!