Summer Recipes

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    Summer Recipes

    I tried a little cooking experiment for dinner tonight and I thought I'd share it since it was really tasty.


    Grilled Chicken & Pineapple Sandwiches

    Season four 6 ounce chicken breasts with a little sea salt and pepper on both sides. Brush with lime juice. Grill on low/medium setting ( or low coals), turning occasionally and continue brushing with lime juice.

    Grill 4 pineapple ring about 2 minutes each side or until browned.

    For the sandwiches, put 1 teaspoon of mayo on the bottom half of a wheat roll. Then add chicken. Top with pineapple ring and a couple of leaves of fresh basil. Serve immediately while warm.

    I served this with fresh watermelon and it made a nice, relatively light summer supper.


    Edit...I guess I should have scrolled down a bit further. I didn't realize there was an entire recipe section! Oh time..

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    Re: Summer Recipes

    That sounds delicious MC. We do a lot of grilled chicken and fish during the summer. Mostly served w/ only a salad or coleslaw.  Sometimes I make campfire potatoes. Foiled packed potatoes, onion and garlic w/ a bit of butter or oil added. And of course salt and pepper. Just throw them on the grill, while you do your other cooking.
    Yes, we do have a recipe thread for especially good recipes, we have made. Please join us there if you are a "cook" or "baker".
    Love your pineapple w/ the chicken. Will definitely try it.

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