Campbell's Soup Recipes

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    Campbell's Soup Recipes

    In the ancient times Campbell soups would put recipes on the backs of their soups which were or could be quite tasty.
    Before the price increases of the past five years the Campbell soup substitute was great a meal with crackers and cheese.I still think it remains one of the cheapest alternatives for people living in New England.
    There are so many tasty versions of Cream of Mushroom dishes for pork chops and chicken.I've found Golden Mushroom Soup makes a delicious gravy with all meats or in combination with tomato soup.
    I'm surprised Campbell's has not joined with the 30 Minute Chef for this was the original short order meal.
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    Re: Campbell's Soup Recipes

    Not exactly along your thread, but to do with Campbell's - did you know that Campbell's evidently bought out Franco American?  When the kids were small they loved the Spaghettios for a Saturday lunch.  I picked up a can for myself a couple of weeks ago and when I got to the register, the cashier said, "Did you notice it's put out by Campbell's now?"  I hadn't, and assume they have bought them out, or maybe they were always the parent company.