Homemade Greek Yoghurt?

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    Homemade Greek Yoghurt?

    Being on antibiotics for so long, one of my staples has been/is yoghurt. I tried them all - and have become addicted to the Greek kind. It is so much smoother and a lot less tart. Have any of you posters ever tried to make it at home?
    I have a yoghurt maker,  and I am quite a professional to make the normal kind. I have tried to do the same w/ the Greek yoghourt - but it does not come out "right".
    Any Greek posters, who can help?

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    Re: Homemade Greek Yoghurt?

    Well Pingo, I am not greek, but I play one on TV. Though I don't use a yogurt maker, just the stove on very low heat.

    One comment I would make is that the original bacteria stock that you use is important. So if you like a certain yogurt, you should should use some of it as your base. If I like a certain yogurt, I leave it out at room temperature for at least 2 weeks to cultivate. Then I use it as my base. Of course if it develops any visible mold, throw it out.

    Or do you buy special stock for Greek yogurt?