Latino Lasgna

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    Latino Lasgna

    I was looking for another way to use the leftovers from Lizabetti's Healthy Tacos. I usually make enchiladas, but for a change I decided to make it into a Mexican Style Lasagna, but with Mexican style ingredients. 

    Boy was it good, and I got several workday lunches from the leftovers. Serve with extra sauce on the side along with guacamole and salad greens.

    This is a very tasty meal and very healthy, if you hold back on the cheese, which I did not. Cheese is my weakness.

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    Re: Latino Lasgna

    OMR, thanks for this!  Looks devine.  I'd have to have all the cheese, too.  I get the reduced fat mostly so I can rationalize eating way too much of even that. ;)