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Okra with Lamb Shanks

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    Okra with Lamb Shanks

    Even though there are many famous Egyptian dishes, Okra with Lamb one is truly one of the signature family meals that people really enjoy on a regular basis. The combination of vegetables, meat and tomato sauce served with rice is a recurring theme in Egyptian cuisine. Traditionally the in-season vegetables are used in dishes similar to this one, different types of meat are substituted as well. This particular dish is made with lamb shanks, but  both the meat and vegetable can be substituted based on availability. It is common to make similar dishes with green beans, turnips, peas, cauliflower, or even spinach.  For example, see our Mediterranean Home-Style Chicken 
    which is a very similar dish, but used chicken and green beans.

    In preparation for labor day, where I was going to repeat my Spring Grilled Feast; I was preparing a leg of lamb. Lizabetti wanted me to reserve the shank for another dish,  so I cut off the shank and removed the bone from the leg of lamb. We decided to make okra for a change.

    We served the dish with saffron rice and a healthy tabouleh as the salad. The tabouleh and okra both have lots of fiber. The dish is loaded with anti-oxidants in the tomato, onion, and garlic. So even though it has some meat it is also very nutritious. I also used some turmeric in the dish for its anti-inflammatory benefits.
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    Re: Okra with Lamb Shanks

    I have made a vegetarian version of this, but I used lamb stock. I realize that would not do for true vegetarians, but it is a great health compromise.

     I will publish the recipe for that the next time I make it, but basically skip the meat and you can cut the simmer time down to 30 minutes for the sauce and still cook the okra in the sauce for about 20 minutes.