Well I am not certain how familiar you are with electronic cigarettes.  Essentially it is a battery operated device that gives the user nicotine along with flavoring but eliminates all of the other harmful chemicals including the main killer which is TAR!

In a regular cigarette there are over 4000 chemicals including 57 which are known carcinogens.  In an electronic cigarette, there are approximately 12 ingredients, of which the majority are flavoring.  One huge plus aside from health benefits, is there is absolutely no stink!  In addition, while electronic cigarettes do produce a vapor which simulates smoke, it is essentially water vapor so it can be used indoors and no one will complain of any odors at all.  It is truly a remarkable device!

The initial liquids that the electronic cigarette uses typically came fom China, however there are US manufacturers starting to develop and sell liquids made with US ingredients.  We have even taken this a step further as we use 100% Natural-Kosher-Organic Flavoring in our liquids.  The other 2 liquids used are also Kosher and Food Grade and on occasion with certain formulas, we may use distilled or purified water.

If you would like to read more about Organic liquids and perhaps nudge a stubborn friend or relative to give it a try, you could be saving a life!

Please contact us with any questions you have on this unit, liquids or anything related.

Thank you for reading!