Green Lighting

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    Green Lighting

    Are you green or going green? There are some easy green tips for lighting such as switching over to CFLs (compact fluorescent bulbs) and LEDs (light emitting diodes). These bulbs are definitely more energy saving and emit less heat. Thus, in warmer weather, you will also incur energy savings for cooling. Besides from bulbs using eco-friendly lamps and fixtures is the key to going green. Light fixtures made from recycled material are a great step towards greenness! Also, when it’s time to dispose your CFLs or any fluorescent, dispose of it properly since these bulbs do have some mercury content.


    If you own any power adapters (the clunky thing on your electrical cord), you should unplug it when not in use since power adapters do draw energy even when the device is off. Or use a power strip so you can just turn on and off the whole strip when not in use.


     Probably one of the most practical ways to save energy is making use of daylight. Open up the blinds and enjoy the natural light. Skylights were invented for a reason! As for night time, turn off the lights that you are not using. Let’s say, if you leave a room for more than a few minutes, turn it off. If you really can’t get this down to second nature, install a motion sensor so lights will automatically turn off when no one is in the room. Also, using a dimmer can adjust to the right amount of light needed.


    If you’re in an area that provides green power, sign up for it. This usually entails spending a few more dollars a month to support energy in the grid that comes from renewable sources like wind, solar or biogas.


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    Re: Green Lighting

    LED is the way to go and here is where you can get started: 
    • Identify lights that are lit for 6 or more hours per day. These are good candidates for replacement. You can generally recoup your LED investment in about 12 to 18 months. 
    • Start with children's room. Replace all CFLs with LEDs. (** Please read EPA's publication on the clean-up procedure when you break a CFL in your home. )
    • Start with incandescent lights that do not have a good CFL replacement. E.g. candelabra. CFL candles just don't have the same effect as the incandescent candles.   (check out the LED candelabra at, probably the best selling LED candelabra on web.  Customer service is superb!)
    • Directional lighting- e.g. kitchen recessed cans - is also a good starting point since it is LED's strong point is the directional lighting. 

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    Re: Green Lighting

    The use of skylight is not just save you on electricity usage, but also help to improve your health, because skylight is the natural light come from the Sun, the light is able to kill the bacteria. Even if your skin is exposed to Sunligfht for a sufficient time, it also stimulate our skin to produce vitamic D which is important to improve the calcium absorption in our body ~ shared by Green Angel from http://www.GreenAngelsPlanet.comand Green Living Lifestyle Blog.