I just found this recipe for natural shampoo and I love it.
Want to share it with you.
Here it is:
1. 1 cup of fresh rosemary (not dried)
2. 2 cups of distilled water (not tap) the water has to be pure water with no chlorine added. Chemicals will destroy the beneficial properties of the rosemary.
3. 112 oz or larger of unscented castille soap (if you are unable to find castille soap, baby shampoo is the closest thing to the castille soap).
4.Add the rosemary to the water in a saucepan or you can put in the microwave. If you use the microwave, put the rosemary and water in micro-safe bowl and nuke for 5 min.
5. After the water and rosemary has come to a boil, remove pan and cover allowing it to steep for 10 min.
6. Strain rosemary tea and remove the rosemary stems. Add the castille soap or the baby shampoo, which ever one you used.
7. Put into bottles (you can use the bottle the shampoo came in or find some glass bottles and use them.
8. Let them sit over night before you use them, you can add essential oil to them if you like.
You will get two bottles of shampoo. The first time you use this shampoo you will not get any suds (which is a chemical that is added to commercial shampoo products), rinse and shampoo a second time.
Also, the shampoo will be very thin so you will have to pour it directly onto you hair instead of into you hand. After you shampoo you will notice that your hair is real shiny and more manageable.
You will also notice after several time of use that your hair is darker and thicker and maybe even longer. If you have gray hair, you will no longer have gray hair. This is an added benefit of this shampoo.
Let me know if somebody has any recipe for green life style.