Having trouble going green?

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    Having trouble going green?


    Alway were.

    Plus we gave up our car  a year and a half ago and so far have stuck to it.
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    Having trouble going green?

    [Quote]I have not been able to discern just how green the commercial manufacturing industry is. Sure, if all of us pull together we can make a difference. The problem is that many businesses in the manufacturing area, as well as media outlets(TV stations, newspapers and the entertainment industry)use a lot of energy. What are these energy gobbling behemoths doing to reduce their carbon footprint?

    If we all have to go green, WE ALL HAVE TO GO GREEN![/Quote]

    I recieved recently a pamplet about a company that can help reduce ventalation with some bio clean air units. This saved one company enough to pay for the system in 16 months. Their website is www.BioCascade.net