allowed myself to get hooked on Nicotine again!

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    Re: allowed myself to get hooked on Nicotine again!

    OMG! I have been trying to quit on and off for years. When I was pregnant I quit immediatley but now, I am back to it again. For me, alot of it has to do with the amount of time I spend driving.  I drive all over New England for my job and smoking just passes the time and blows away alot of my stress. I too hate the way it makes my hair and clothes smell, and every time I buy a new pack I keep telling myself that when this pack is gone I will not be buying anymore........yeah, right! I keep failing.  Good luck to you, I hope you have better luck that I am.
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    Re: allowed myself to get hooked on Nicotine again!


    I am a smoker who has quit many times. I appreciate what you are saying about food, but nicotine is a drug and a powerful one at that.  The withdrawal is terrible.  It can be done of course, but the pull will always be there.  Much like any drug user, but we are just treated as all we need is willpower.  Wish it was that easy : (
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    Re: allowed myself to get hooked on Nicotine again!

    I quit about 15 years ago.  It was very hard to do.  I haven't taken a single puff since because I'm afraid of getting hooked again. 

    I take the same attitude about smoking as recovering drunks take about alcohol - one's too many and a million's not enough.

    I had a dream that I started smoking again.  In the dream I was at a bar with a friend who bought a pack of cigarettes.  We smoked the entire pack (this is what I used to do before I was an official smoker).  In the dream, I woke up the next day craving a cigarette.  When I woke up for real, I was freaked out.

    I still have days where I want a cigarette - but that dream haunts me and keeps me from smoking.
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    Re: allowed myself to get hooked on Nicotine again!

    I feel kind of not right posting this, but a saying my mom just came up with for herself regarding her lifelong battle with weight loss is, "It's not WILL power, it's WANT power."  Meaning, of course, if you want to smoke more than you want to quit, you'll smoke.  If you want to quit more than you want to smoke, you'll quit.  There are addictive components to food, too, so it seems relavent...

    Hope you won't skewer a non-smoker for posting...just sharing my mom's revelation because it's made a dramatic difference for her.  She's much more able to resist temptation now that she's framing it in terms of what she really wants.  Does she WANT the donut more than being thin?  Nope.  No donut.  Before, it was just a struggle of willpower.  Mustn't eat donut, mustn't eat donut...until she caved and ate it.
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    Re: allowed myself to get hooked on Nicotine again!

    You can want all you want sometime, but when you get the urge, its next to impossible.  To the people who want to quit, keep trying, 12th time was the charm for me.

    Everyones different, but what worked for me?  It was always cold turkey.  Cutting down didnt work for me. 

    1. When your sick?  When I was sick, I would quit for two days, just seemed to lose the urges, and I would push to keep it going.  Sometimes a couple of weeks, other times a couple of months.

    2.  You just have to get sick of it.  Ever get the feeling you have been smoking too much in the past couple of days?  Chest feels a little weak.  SMOKE MORE.  Keep smoking, youll get to a point where you have a 3/4 full cigarette, youll look at the cigarette, throw it out of yopur car, be so disgusted with yourself, you wont want it.  Quit for a year doing that.

    Last time I quit?  May of last year.   I was done.  But I got real LUCKY, because I barely had urges.  Real strange.  Ive maybe had 3-4 urges since, but I know even one hall will send me back

    Good luck everyone, keep trying, maybe 12th time is your charm too!
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    Re: allowed myself to get hooked on Nicotine again!

    I have never smoked.. actually..that's not true..when I was 6 years maternal grandfather made me try a drag of his cigarette...when I choked and gagged..he told me to remember that feeling when I got older..and to never pick up a cigarette. It wasn't until I was a little older that I understood why he did that. He had just been diagnosed with lung cancer and he died shortly after my 7th birthday. Although I didn't like it at the time..thanks to him..I have never..ever had the desire to pick up a cigarette .My father...someone who smoked since the 6th grade..has emphasema...and although he quit smoking for a few months..recently started back up.
    Nicotine is an awful drug..and of all the people I know who smoke and have tried to quit..only one ever succeeded. You should try your best to quit...beyond the smell ( and I agree..few things are more of a turnoff than someone who smells like stale cigarette smoke)..those things will kill you. If you don't do it for yourself..then do it for the people who you care about.