Anabolic Steroids - Dianabol and Winstrol

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    Anabolic Steroids - Dianabol and Winstrol

    Anabolic Steroids are hormones which promote muscle growth as well as strength gains. Steroids are mostly used by bodybuilders and professional athletes in order to gain an advantage during competitions. Steroids work by adding synthetic hormones such as testosterone to the body, when used with a training program and high calorie diet the body builds muscle at a far greater speed than what can be achieved naturally.

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    What are steroid cycles:

    when someone uses steroids it is referred to as a steroid cycle, a cycle lasts around 10 weeks and can consist of a number of different steroids, usually an oral steroid and an injectable steroid. Oral steroids such as dianabol are in the blood and working within a few days and this is the reason these are taken to speed up the gains, injectables can take weeks to work.

    Steroid side effects:

    steroids can bring on many different side effects from their use, many side effects are temporary and subside in a few weeks while others can be permanent.
    side effects such as acne, gynecomastia, hair loss, liver damage and high blood pressure are all common ones. Side effects can also depend on what steroids are being used, some steroids are mild such as anavar where not many side effects occur from their use, other steroids such as dianabol can bring on many side effects as steroids like this are highly androgenic. Drugs such as nolvadex can help reduce estrogenic side effects such as water retention and gynecomastia.

    Types of steroids:

    Injectable steroids consist of Testosterone enanthate, testosterone cypionate, testosterone propionate, sustanon, deca durabolim. npp, trenbolone acetate, trenbolone enanthate, masteron, equipoise and more.
    Oral steroids consist of Dianabol, winstrol, anavar, anadrol and turanibol.
    Steroids such as dianabol, anadrol, testosterone and deca are mostly used to form bulking cycles as these steroids are great at adding on lots of mass and strength fast. Popular steroids for cutting cycles usually consist of anavar, winstrol, trenbolone and testosterone propionate.

    Steroids are made by pharmaceutical companies but these days they are more commonly made by underground labs which are illegal labs set up to make steroids to sell to people. With underground labs all over the place steroids are now very easy to get hold of and also very cheap depending on the source, the benefit of having underground labs is many steroids such as trenbolone that used to be almost impossible to get hold of are now very easy to obtain. The downside is a lot of these labs have quality control and it is common to get steroids that are not sterile and that are underdosed. The key to using underground steroids is to find a reputable source used by many that have great reviews.

    As mentioned when steroids are taken it is called a steroid cycle, once you have completed a steroid cycle you need to do a pct which stand for post cycle therapy. A pct is done to help bring the bodies hormone levels back to normal after a cycle as using steroids shuts down your bodies natural testosterone levels and raises estrogen levels, there are a few reasons a pct is very important, firstly the faster you bring your natural testosterone levels back to normal the easier it is to keep your gains from the cycle, a pct also reduces the chances of side effects such as depression and gynecomastia. A pct usually consists of using clomid at 50mg a day for 4 weeks, but depending on how many steroids you took and at what dosages a pct may need to be stronger and include other drugs such as hcg and nolvadex.

    Buying Steroids:

    For countries where steroids are legal many people obtain them from pharmacies however do to privacy reasons many people also choose to buy steroids online as they don’t want the world knowing what they are doing. Steroids are a very taboo subject and even if they are legal in your country most people dont want their friends and family knowing. To buy steroids online you simply need to find a legit website that sells quality gear and good prices, you can usually pay by credit card and the steroids will be couriered to your house.


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    Re: Anabolic Steroids - Dianabol and Winstrol

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