Some years ago I had cancer and it was stage 4.. inoperable. I followed an intuition to leave the area I was living in and go back to Sydney, and I broke all my ties with everyone I had know in the area. Within 6 months I had been feeling a great deal better and went to a doctor in Sydney who found that I had a very small amount of cancer only in one area. I realized that I had had a spontaneous remission. I decided to wait another few months and on my return visit to the doctor no more cancer could be found. I was fully recovered. Some 11 years later I had cancer again but in a different area. I was experiencing severe flu-like symptoms. I also noticed a violation taking place on part of my property. I addressed the violation and to my surprise the flu-like symptoms almost vanished entirely in about half an hour! I had difficulty swallowing solid food but I decided to "wait and see" and within a 5 or 6 month period the problem vanished. Since then I have realized that I had been targeted and I discovered a great deal about cancer, why the body forms it and how it can be cleared away. I discovered it is an erroneous immune response. I have documented my findings on my blog at wordpress and I am also providing my solutions in the coming posts for any who might be interested either in an alternative road or to supplement any other treatments that they desire to have. This post here is a bit of a summary
Kyrani Eade