Gym recommendations?

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    Gym recommendations?

    I am looking to join a gym, ideally in the Belmont/Arlington/Watertown and possibly Cambridge area (if in Cambridge, it must have some access to parking). 

    Here are my criteria:
    *not too expensive (ideally, no more than $50/month)
    *lots of class options
    *very clean (I don't really care about saunas and palatial locker rooms, but I do want clean!)

    Does anybody have any recommendations?  I usually do workout DVDs at home, but now that summer has hit full force and I don't have central air in my apartment, that's become pretty uncomfortable. 
    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Gym recommendations?

    I second Planet Fitness. Great place to work out. Convenient locations.Another thing I like about them is there are lots of regular folks working out there. The staff and even those who work out are helpful. I just got back into regular exercise something I desperately need to do. At Planet fitness I never feel out of place even though I am far from thin.