Wicked Athletes is a start up group in the Boston area (hoping to reach all of New England in time) focusing on reviewing fitness gear and products, promoting healthly life styles and sponsoring races (in the future), events and more. We aim to get people in shape and create a running/athletic group of people in the Boston area to do group fun runs and promote the growth of Wicked Athletes. The overall goal of Wicked Athletes is to become a source of charity donation with races/events, but that is the long term plan. Right now, we are just promoting the heck out of ourselves!

We launched only about 15 days ago, but wanted to get the forum buzz going and hopefully get some input (good or bad) about your thoughts on the site:


Official Site: http://www.wickedathletes.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WickedAthletes
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/WickedAthletes


Again, the goal is to truly create a solid group of people who are in shape, want to get in shape and are just passionate about bettering themselves, and on occasion like to have some fun while doing it!

We are also looking for some writers if interested to get started from the ground up. Again, we are brand new, and we are looking for people committed to reviewing equipment, writing fitness tips, goals and recipe's for bettering people's lives.

Well hope to see some thoughts or any questions you have don't hesitate to hit me up at don@wickedathletes.com