About 3 months ago, my family and I decided to save on our utility bills. Purchasing new windows and insulation was too expensive. For a cheap experiment, we decided to change all of our lights to CFs, outlet timers and power strips - less than $100 at home depot.

All electronics and small appliances were plugged to power strips and outlet timers. It was set to automatically turned off from 8AM-6PM and 12AM-6AM. No more power drain from unused electronics. The home depot trip and setting up the house took us less than 4 hours.

I did notice significant decrease on our electric bill just after two weeks. Our monthly power use went from 330-350kWH to 190-230kWH. We reduced our power consumption to about 100KWH/month. Not bad for a $100 investment.

It is amazing how much power unused electronics and appliances cost!

For my next project, I borrowed a FLIR thermal cam and looked for leaks around the house. It is a great way of finding spots that need more insulation instead of redoing the whole house. I will probably spend $500 on insulation at the end of the month.

If I did not use a thermal cam, I would probably spent about $1500 on insulation to redo the ceiling, water pipes, doors and windows.