Daisies & Roses Help

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    Daisies & Roses Help

    Hi Everyone,
    I am in need of some gardening advice.  I have tons of daisies in my yard that just finished blooming, they are about 3 feet tall.  Should I cut them back and if so, how far?  Should I expect them to bloom again this summer?

    Also, I am having trouble w/my two rose bushes.  On one, it bloomed lots of beautiful smaller pink blossoms, but now many of the leaves are turning yellow and brown, with ragged edges.  I have been de-heading, but I don't see many new blossoms.  The other rose bush is still blooming (a couple large red roses), but many of the leaves are just brown now. 

    Any advice at all would be GREATLY appreciated! TIA!
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    Daisies & Roses Help

    Neither plant will bloom again this summer unless they are the variety that is perpetual bloomers (like many daylillies & geraniums).
    I would pull off the dead leaves/deadhead to neated up the plants.

    For specific pruning information, I would look up the specific variety that you have of daisies & roses as it varies from variety to variety.