Garage Doors

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    Garage Doors

    Can anyone recommend a garage door replacement company? I know Sears/ Home Depot/ Lowes does it but I was thinking I might be better off with a small privately owned place.� I am just outside Boston so anywhere�that services the�East Boston, Revere, Winthrop, Saugus, Lynn area.� If a south of Boston place is willing to go through the tunnel that's fine too. While price is certainly a consideration, service�and dependability is more important to me. �Also, if anyone has gone through this process and has an attached garage, did you notice a difference in�controlling the temperature in the house once you had the new door installed? �The rooms right above the garage get very cold and in order to get�them heated properly the rest of the house would be need to be steaming hot. �So while I'll pay up front for the new doors, it'll pay off over the years in heating cost savings, not to mention adding value to the house.� I am thinking of getting the triple insulated kind to really do the trick. thanks!

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    Garage Doors

    I'm going through this same exercise right now... I went with the "overhead door company" since they are out near Leominster (closer to us). We currently have a very flimsy garage door - like a single wood panel, and there is living space directly above the "garage".�� I've bought an R-17 rated door, and I'm just waiting for them to call back for an installation date.�� The difference between the R-17 and the R-12.76 was $100 - well worth it when you consider that home heating oil is currently about $4.26/gallon.� Additionally, the new door will also be very well sealed & weather tight, reducing drafts.

    My parents also made this upgrade a few years ago - and their garage is much warmer now in the winter.� Comfortable enough for my father to work in there in the winter (he has health issues, so this amazes me).