kitchen renovation help

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    kitchen renovation help

    What about a ready to graduate student? When a friend was in Interior Design school she had to do projects that sound alot like what you're was not interior decorating, what she did was a little more involved with structure but not architectural.

    I know there might be factors I'm not even considering like insurance, etc but its the only thing that popped into my head.

    Its a little unclear, is your budget 3000.00 or 30,000.00?

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    kitchen renovation help

    Have you considered hiring a custom cabinetmaker?

    I design and built custom cabinets for all sorts of applications-kitchens included. I would most likely be able to provide design and cabinets within your budget and still allow you to use your contractor for the installation. Or we could install them for you. Feel free to check out our work at

    I strongly recommend checking us out as an alternative to the large retailers who are often more expensive than we are.

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    kitchen renovation help

    Oh, Markus, please - PLEASE - stay away from Direct Buy!
    We were "invited" for an opportunity to save money. My husband was at the time in the process of buying appliances for 9 condomeniums he was building. So we figure we could save a good chunk of money buying from Direct Buy.
    Well, in order to buy anything from them, one has to become a member to the tune of $5000. And you have to sign up NOW - THIS MINUTE. "If you leave this room, you will never get another opportunity!"
    The showroom is full of catalogs from where (I think ) you will order, but you are not allowed to peek in any of them until you sign up and pay yur $5000.
    A few questions and we smelled rat right away. Please don't get sucked into this scam. Yes SCAM, I said.


    Two suggestions.

    Call the Boston Design Center and ask about the Designer On Call program. I got hooked up with a really nice woman who didn't try to oversell me anything. A kitchen designer can at least give you some advice about how to proceed, and a first consultation is not that big an investment.

    To purchase cabinets cheap, try: I haven't shopped there myself, but I've heard about them.

    If you're doing renos, consider a subscription to Angie's list, which has consumer reviews of local contractors.

    Your budget is not ridiculously low, you just have to shop wisely and plan well. Good luck!