Replacement windows

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    Replacement windows

    I need to purchase replacement windows for my home. I am looking for vinyl, double hung, colonial style windows. I am interested in Anderson, Newpro, Champion and Harvey.

    Has anyone recently purchased replacement windows from any of these companies? Do you mind sharing the price you paid for each window? I have gone to their sites but it looks like they want you to go to their showrooms for pricing?

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    Replacement windows

    I looked at Newpro for my town house but it was  like 7,000 for a few windows.  I don't know why companies cannot or really will not list prices.  I don't want to waster my time and theirs if I cannot afford new windows now, but if I can then  will go to the show room to see them.

    My sister put Harvey windows her in old place in CT but I don't know what she paid but she liked them.
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    Replacement windows

    I had Harvey’s put in my upstairs last year.  I had a neighbor buy them for me, he has an account with Harvey.  Harvey has show rooms but they don’t give prices to homeowners, contractors only.


    I like the windows themselves but we had “replacement” windows installed with frames made by my neighbor.  The frames are great he used Azek for the exterior trim.  Azek isn’t wood so it won’t rot and doesn’t need paint.  They were my priorities.  What I don’t like about this combination is that we lost some glass size.  It won’t matter to the next owner if/ when we sell.


    I’m not going that route for the lower level and basement windows.  Our basement has a 4 foot kneewall.  For those windows we’re going with Marvin new construction units.  I got great prices from Moynihan Lumber in Plaistow, NH.  I forget the exact prices, they vary by size, but ~$250 is what I remember.  I’m installing them myself.  I’ll install the Azek trim too.

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    Replacement windows

    There is very little difference in the quality of the windows you mentioned. The most important thing is the installation. Foam is the best. Make sure they remove the window trim. Then apply foam on all four sides. 

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    Replacement windows

    From NewPro I purchased a baywindow, a standard window and one  patio door.  The cost was over $10k in Fall '07.  There was some minor construction involved as well like closing an existing patio door with sheetrock.  Anyway, 10k is very expensive for basically 2 large windows and a standard one but  they do they all the installation themselves and you do not have to find your own contractor.  The windows are tripple pane and they really do keep it cold out in the winter and the heat out in the summer.  NewPro has has a very good product and their installation is done professionally.

    NewPro has a lengthy window demonstration that they do in your own home  (it goes on for hours and you'll want them to finally leave but they won't and if you tell them you are going out to eat with your family now they will ask to go with you if they haven't signed the deal with you yet - it's hard to get them to leave your house).  The sales guys are very high pressure and the whole experience is stressfully like buying a car ("If you give us a deposit today the price will be $12k but if you call me tomorrow then the price is $16k." - they try to make you make a quick decision on a high cost product so that you can't shop around for more estimates).  So you finally get rid of the salesguy without making a deal with them and the owner calls you the next day to follow up and tell you that he'll send over the district sales manager.  That 2nd guy that comes to visit you is less high pressure and offers you an even lower estimate. 
    I am going to Harvey this year for the rest of the window replacements and finding my own contractor to install them so I don't have to deal with NewPro salesguy.
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    Replacement windows

    Having had the newpro guys come around - we decided not to bother with replacement windows.  They are very very high-pressure and their whole routine is insulting and offensive.  They give you a price and tell you have to decide on that price today if you don't decide then the price doubles.  If you don't sign someone else from the company calls and tells you that you can have the lower grade windows for the original price.  Come on guys!!! they are more expensive then anderson, pella, marvin etc. and they are just high-density plastic.  They are supposed to insulate better than national competitors but the whole approach put me off completely.