9/6/08 (Hanna) Wedding Review

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    9/6/08 (Hanna) Wedding Review

    So its my turn to post a review of our wedding on September 6, 2008. We got married in Falmouth, Ma at 4:00 p.m. when Hurricane Hanna was scheduled to hit. And we had planned an outdoor wedding with a tent reception. Needless to say, the outdoor wedding ceremony did not happen, the tent reception did, and aside from buckets of rain pouring down when the wedding party and I entered the tent, the hurricane spared us until the end of the reception when the winds made for a wild night! For those brides who are having a tent and/or outdoor reception, it can be done, in the worst of weather conditions with great vendors and some pluck!

    Venue - Cape Wind, Falmouth MA - A+

    This place is a hidden gem. Its on Maravista Extension in East Falmouth, MA. Its a motel set on about 5 acres of beautiful land on a hill atop a marsh salt pond. If Hanna had cooperated, I would have arrived with my 2 bridesmaids on a boat and we would have gotten married on the dock. However, she did not. The staff at Cape Wind are tremendous. Rachel and the girls that help her are wonderful. They decorated our room the night we arrived, Thursday for a Saturday ceremony and left us champagne. So cute. 60% of our guests stayed there and we took over the motel which was great. Beautiful pool, wonderful people, couldn't have been better. www.capewind.com for more information.

    Tent & all other rentals - American Tent and Table - A+

    The Sylvester family who runs this operation is fantastic. I was worried about the tent in high winds. They set the tent up closer to the structures and reinforced it so that it would withstand up to 90 miles an hour. Luckily, we never hit that, but at no point did they worry us that the tent wouldn't make it through the ceremony, reception, or evening when it was left out alone. They also handled all tables, chairs, dance floor, linens, everything. It was there, on time and set up by Friday afternoon. They are also pleasant to work with and the best deal I found down the Cape.

    Catering - B&M Catering - A-

    Out of Pawtucket RI. We did a BBQ theme with steak tips (the best), grilled chicken, lots of cold salads and had clam chowder to start. Food was amazing. The planning process was easy and enjoyable. The only reason for the minus is there seemed to be som confusion over clean up which we had negotiated for, and we ended up sort of picking up the linens and tableware in the end (or rather 20 of our friends who were excellent)

    Flowers - Flaming June, Somerville, MA - A+

    Our friend owns this small start up flower business. And this was our wedding gift from her. She did an amazing job and ended up setting up a great indoor alter type thing with the help of many friends again at the last second. If anyone wants her information, please just drop me an email.

    Dress - Allegria Bridal - A

    I bought my dress at a sample sale last August for 1/3 of its ticket price. I loved it. And I'm glad I got a deal because it was trashed at the end of the night with the rain and mud around the tent from earlier rains.

    Alterations - Janette Nash, Arlington, MA - A+

    Janette worked magic. Because my dress was a sample it was a size 12. I am a very petite 4. She cut literally 9 inches off the bottom, shortend from the waist to maintain detail along the bottom and basically made a dress specifically for me. It was wonderful, fit great and held up all night until my mom stepped on my bustle and ripped it. Go mom 4 glasses of champagne in.

    DJ - Cheryl Park, Marston Mills, MA - A

    Cheryl was amazing. She kept the dance floor bumping all night, played wonderful music during the cocktail hour and dinner, made announcements at the right times. She was great. And lovely to work with.

    Photographers - Hitched Studios - A++

    I have sang Tara and Ben's praises throughout the planning process but can now say with authority they are the BEST. First and foremost, they are fun and cool and I loved hanging out with them on our wedding day. Second, they take amazing pictures. Halfway through the wedding they set up a computer with a slideshow of some of the pictures they had already taken. Our guests couldn't get over the quality and how the two of them captures our personalities. We love them and hope they will take pictures later of other events. We also know they are going to get some business from recently engaged guests ;)

    Uninvited Guest - Hurricane Hanna - A

    Funniness aside, having a hurricane come in on our wedding day couldn't have made it more memorable. I ran into the tent until a bridge of umbrellas held by our male friends, our guests let our cheers and all my husband and I could do was laugh. It was a great release to alot of emotions. And honestly, I think the impending storm made the party that much better!

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    9/6/08 (Hanna) Wedding Review

    Congratulations on your big day! And it's nice to see you had such a good attitude about Hurricane Hanna making an appearance at your wedding! I don't know how I would have handled something like that and hopefully future brides will see your post and handle things the same way if they are in a similiar situation =)
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    9/6/08 (Hanna) Wedding Review

    Smithie -- I loved reading your post!

    Ditto, Kel; you have a great attidude and the site you picked looks awesome! I only wish I knew about it months ago. As someone who is hoping to have an outdoor ceremony, I loved hearing that Hanna didn't ruin your day, but in fact made it more fun :)

    And the Mom stepping on the dress thing: I can totally see my mother doing the same thing after only two glasses,
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    9/6/08 (Hanna) Wedding Review

    What a great time - do you think you tempted fate by having it at the "Cape WIND". Just thank goodness you didn't pick the Cape Hail!