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authentic chinese food on north shore?

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    authentic chinese food on north shore?

    hi everyone

    next time i go home to boston i wanted to check out some possible rehearsal dinner restaurants. our venue is in topsfield and we were originally hoping to have the rehearsal dinner at a chinese restaurant. i will most likely be wearing a cheongsam (the traditional red chinese wedding dress) and we want to have our tea ceremony there too.

    but so far i am having a hard time finding an authentic chinese restarant in that area. i don't want to insult my in-laws by taking them to place that serves chicken fingers and pork strips. not that there's anything wrong with those, i grew up on pu pu platters and all you can eat chinese buffets and loved them! but i am looking for a place that has less american/chinese food and more authentic chinese food.

    does anyone know of any authentic chinese restaurants in the area? we'll all have cars so it doesn't need to be right in topsfield, but maybe within a 20 minute radius?

    if we can't find a nice chinese place, our backup is a new england seafood dinner. i'm assuming that wont be hard to find!

    we will have approximately 20 people. a private room isn't necessary but some type of private area would be ideal. i went to a rehearsal dinner recently where nobody could hear the father of the bride's speech over the crowd and everyone just nodded and smiled until they saw him lift his glass, that's how we knew the toast was over :(
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    authentic chinese food on north shore?

    Try Su Chang's on Lowell St. in Peabody. I'm not sure if it's authentic Chinese, but it's more upscale than your average Chinese restaurant. The food is really good and they can cater to a crowd.
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    authentic chinese food on north shore?

    I second that. Su Chang's is superb. I'd bet they would be willing to work with you on having the rehearsal dinner you want.
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