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BDCDottie - SEARCH destroyed

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    BDCDottie - SEARCH destroyed

    As one of several here and on other forums (I checked) who asked for the return of the number indexing (post 556.1 OP, every succeeding post numbered 556.2 .4 .9 .23) feature back on reply, so with a click you could see post replied to (with reprinting reply a choice, not always reprinted)

    and one who asked please, when we search, bring back whole threads -

    My JOY is short-lived. In putting months and months of back posts into search, so it means something, they have stripped past posts of their numbers.

    Response rates since the change have been pathetic. It is not hard to find a single post, when a thread has only 16 and half are 1 liners.

    When searching for wine recommendations (my engaged niece is up from Tufts), the first for Beringers comes up in a 16-page, probably 250-post thread. The posts are now unnumbered. It takes 4 pages of reading to find the post from search. Yes, within 3 pages which all happened in hours, people do post on better wines, worse, where to buy cheap - even though not the main thread. But in all the crosstalk, someone mentions a wine, then another a few posts later you get this is cheaper and better replies, but there is no way of tying Susie Q's "you can get this at Trader Vics for x a case, Martignettis wants___ " to anything because you can't tell which named wine of 10 in a group of posts is replied to.

    Many wedding manufacturers do not post dress prices, so a show me your dress post that gets into what price range, what shop, etc. -- every time the replies are separate from a post, 90% of the time there is no way to figure what "the top one" vs "the middle two" and "the bottom shoes" refers to - no tie to the original post.

    It would be torture if 293 post threads had 250 which started with a full reprint of the previous post replied to. But there should be numbers you can click on to find out when you need to.

    My greatest problem with search before the swap was that sometimes you would get nothing, especially with 2 keywords. 5 or 15 minutes later, or days, the exactly worded and spelled search would have the 75 relevant posts. Computer overload, steam valve left open? God knows.

    What Prospero forums had right - bring up (this random Google from Prospero that has the word recommend)
    upper right corner under date: if you want to know what this post 365.13 replies to, you click 365.7.

    An hour, or a year later, it works. But people following all discussions do not have to read all reprints.

    Search results are only useful in long threads if the post comes back numbered, and with a choice to see JUST the one post OR see it in context of a thread, to gather all related information. The post decimal numbers .106 help you find it, and close by related posts which have 18 synonyms but not your keyword.

    Your system already numbers every item, and internally (not seen by us) uses a numbering (or time stamp) within a thread. Please, ask techs to use it.

    It is like looking for a book in the BPL with no Dewey decimal system that patrons can see, just librarians, who say, gee, the word car is mentioned in books on these 1,108 shelf numbers, you find which ones.

    This is basic, BDCDottie.

    Also, more options for search does not cut it.

    You need an advanced options within the forums. People do remember what was the name of the place that Cosmo or B2B posted pictures on this winter, a camp on a lake south of Boston with a huge rec lodge, nice bathrooms ...

    And do not want camping stories from bride's honeymoons. Tent weddings not camping tent. Get it?

    Options - Forum dropdown and:
    - from what poster, dropdown current and write in,
    - to what poster, dropdown current and write in,
    - general time period starting (forever, 18 months, year ago),
    - for how many months,
    - keywords all or any,
    Exclude words - was lacking on Prospero.

    *Function If you want to find previous poster's recs on dresses for flower girls (not flowers-florists, dresses- wedding) or find where to buy licensed Disney wedding gowns (not info on Disney world honeymoons), you need to cut out over 90% of the posts somehow. Excluding common words is one.

    Knowing that 2 posters' reviews were for your church or venue, search by poster can get you 12 months info, research that tells you what vendors, dresses, pew bows they looked at and chose or rejected and why, with links, pictures, and in the same threads, what other people said about them.

    These boards were a gold mine for me, my sisters, some friends and cousins, and led us to use your advertisers sections as well. Now the experience my cousin and I are having is Look someplace else, or wait til snow flies and you fix things.

    Your BDC should be the window of access to all Boston advertisers and local info. My cousin is a Boston student marrying there in just over a year, with a wp all Boston area. So she is summering in Fryeburg, ME and visiting me and a friend (former Boston residents, your current online and print readers) in Bethlehem NH. That is your potential reach, no competition in Boston, and until now national sites with Boston info were not as good.

    Surely BDC wants as many readers and posters as possible. You cannot make all long threads and lots of them a problem without defeating yourselves and advertisers. So how about number indexing, advanced options within forums.


    Good news - saw a posted picture today. When word spreads, real useful photos will return. So spread the word. THANK YOU.

    Can't wait for Edit, and a larger window so those of us who need larger type can see whole sentences at once to edit before we post. Imagine, my posts with dependent clauses but no run-on sentences!

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    BDCDottie - SEARCH destroyed

    sarahbth-- thanks for spelling out the detailed requests on all of our behalfs...

    I almost never post here but I read a lot and was using the search function ALL THE TIME to plan my wedding-- but not anymore!! Honestly, this is insane, the search was SO good before this switch was made, and now it's just completely blasted away.

    I'll stick it out for another bit, but I'll be signing off forever if things don't change.
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    BDCDottie - SEARCH destroyed

    I second the above, and generally have to say that the new forum design continues to be subpar.  Page loading is still very slow (no matter what ISP provider or PC I'm on, I've tried from home/work/friend's house), search is awful (I cannot even find posts that I wrote!).
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    BDCDottie - SEARCH destroyed

    I am so dissapointed with the change overall.
    Things oculd not be more stressful with one month to go, and responses seem to be cut in half.