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How will Sarah Palin help my family?

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    How will Sarah Palin help my family?

    I don't know why the tax cuts and child tax rebate are not spoken about more unless those of us who are well educated, work very hard, pay taxes and are able to recieve rebates will soon be considered among the RICH! Keep in mind that you start to loose the rebates long before you reach Obama's 250K where he defines the rich.

    The extra $$ have allowed me to stay home with our children while my husband takes on more responsibilities which do not allow him any time for the 'tradiditional' child care responsibilities. We all make our choices and some of us decide that one parent will have most all of child care responsibilities and others choose to split them.

    Live within your means! Eat at home, pay off your house, drive older cars and save for your children's education. Everyone would sleep better at night.

    As far as Sarah Palin goes. We are all in awe that she has a wonderful family network with parents, siblings and a loving husband who is not threatned by her climb to power. If we all has those resources many of us who loved our careers would continue to climb the ladder.

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    How will Sarah Palin help my family?

    What a brilliant article!

    Working Moms - Michelle Obama is a working Mom too - nobody seems to pay attemtion to that. All eyes are on Palin and her star is fading fast.

    The differences between this older more experienced military man, son and grandson of Admirals....and his opponent a young lawyer who raised himself up with intelligence and family values - the differences as different as their skin colors.

    Lets hope the difference in skin color do not taint the differences in policies so that when we go to the polls we vote for the man who asks questions and then moves as opposed to the one who time and time again shoots first and asks questions later.

    Working Moms, Working Dads - of all colors - unite for our children, our country, our future.

    Does anyone other than McCain believe the war in Iraq is being won?
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    How will Sarah Palin help my family?

    First of all Mrs. Palin is a candidate for VP. And I don't want to hear "a breath away" I will be 71 in Feb. and I am not a breath away. John's mother is 96, and I don't see someone with those genes being a breath away. But the real answer is not in the candidates, the real answer is in each of us. Priorities are ignored by generations of Americans. A slice of bread or a cigarette (we don't get addicted to bread). I came from a very poor family, so I am not one of those you speak of. I have been married twice, supported two families, helped care for an ill inlaw. I own everything I have, no mortgage, no car loan and am fully retired. I am not a genius, I just know my priorities. I have seen children ask their parents for financial help and then use that help to buy adult toys, second autos, vacations, etc. Those type of priorities are the reason this country is in a mess and no politician, especially a politician, can solve those problems.