KateL's 8/23 wedding review!

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    KateL's 8/23 wedding review!

    So we had our wedding on Saturday, and It Was Awesome!!! I had the time of my life, I didn't expect it to be as much fun as it was...So, where do I begin?

    Dress: Had it made by a woman in Beverly, MA named Deb Casey. It was literally the dress for me! It was super cheap (compared to some off the rack dresses)...we paid for the fabric ourselves (@$300 for 6 yards of champagne colored silk) and she charged us $500 for labor. She also made a veil for $25, and fashioned a hairpiece out of some silk flowers and feathers that I had.

    DH's suit: Mens Warehouse. Suit was charcoal pinstripe suit by Ralph Lauren, and he wore these great burgundy leather shoes with it...

    Hair: Got it done at Shear Madness in Magnolia, MA (978-525-3960) by a friend. Don't know how much it cost, because it was my wedding gift from her, but it looked great and stayed put all night without looking stiff.

    Makeup: Done by a friend who flew in from Chicago who works as a makeup artis for Benefit cosmetics. He used all Benefit products, and my makeup looked great and stayed put all night!

    Catering: Food was all done by Periwinkles Catering (978-356-1508 or periwinklescatering.com)...We had grilled pork loin, grilled steak tips, a bunch of different sauces and chutneys for the meat, a mashed potato bar with all of the fixins', grilled marinated vegetables, 2 different salads, and 5 passed appetizers for less than $50 per head. Definitely check them out-the food was FANTASTIC and the service was awesome.

    Venue:My parents house. www.essexmarina.net Can't beat getting married in your own backyard!

    DJ: Pat Runne of Bedrock Music (www.bedrockmusic.net). I don't know how much he costs, because he gave us a significant discount as part of our gift, but he was awesome! Played a great mix of music, and once the dancefloor started moving, it didn't stop!!

    Flowers: Gordons Florist in Ipswich, MA. They did my bouquet and our boutineres, which were beautiful...we made our own centerpieces that were bowls of fruit. We bought bowls throughout the year on e-bay and at antique shops, and ordered the fruit through Chelsea Morning Produce, also of Ipswich...fruit for 23 centerpieces came to $207. Can't beat it!

    We used Travling Bartenders out of Groveland, MA as our bar staff, and we bought the beer through Marcorelles Package Store in Ipswich (978-356-5400). Drew was great to work with, and had extra kegs on hand in case we ran out throughout the night. We bought all of our wine throughout the year at different wine shops, but we really loved Winestone on Rt. 9 in Chestnut Hill, and Albert Winestein in Hyde Park. Great service and great owners at both places. We bought all of the water and juice at Costco.

    Ceremony: On the Essex River Cruises boat (www.essexcruises.com), which was awesome. The boat goes out of our marina, and Cliff, the owner, is a good friend. The boat was perfect for about 50 people. We had a relaxed ride down the river, and Cliff stopped the boat and cut the engines right by Cross Island, and the ceremony was performed by a friend of ours. We had champagne on the ride back, and were introduced at our reception to the other 100 guests waiting.

    Photography: Cherry Street Studios in Danvers. (978-774-0668). Prices were extremely reasonable ($2,000 for his highest package, 8 hours of coverage, etc). and Shaun, the owner, was great to work with. We haven't seen the final images yet, but he was really good about getting our formals done and out of the way quickly, which is what we wanted. I'd recommend him to anyone who doesn't have a ton of money to spend but still wants really quality pictures.

    What am I forgetting? Our rings are awesome, we got them at Rainbown Jewelers in Ipswich. Richard, the owner, created my ring for us, because he didn't have what we wanted already made. He made my engagement ring, as well, so we wanted to stick with him for the bands. We rented our tent from Apex Tent Rentals out of New Hampshire, as they were thousands of dollars cheaper than what we could find in MA. We got a bounce house (moon bounce, jumpy house, whatever you call it!) from a local guy, who's name I can't remember now. For $250, he came the day before, set it up, and came the day after a broke it down. Well worth the money to keep the children entertained!!! We also ordered 50 glow necklaces from Oriental Trading Company and had a pinata as well (because really, what's a wedding without a pinata!)

    All in all it was a wonderful day, I can't wait to do it all over again in New Orleans October 19th!!! (Please say a little prayer that Gustav has mercy on our city!!!)
    Let me know if anyone has any questions!
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    KateL's 8/23 wedding review!

    Katel - sonds like a great wedding. I love allthe personal touches that made it yours
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    KateL's 8/23 wedding review!

    Sounds fabulous! Really, it sounds like you had a great mix of the unique and the traditional. Lovely touches!

    New Orleans is definitely in my thoughts and prayers this weekend and next week. Best wishes for a wonderful encore in October!
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    KateL's 8/23 wedding review!

    Thanks for the good wishes...after Katrina, it's hard to be positive (because at the time, we were saying, "looks like we dodged a bullet!'. and that's when the levees broke)...but I think after tomorrow I'll feel like we're really in the clear. All of our family and friends are accounted for, which is already better than Katrina, and hopefully, we made it through without catastrophic damage. Now on to living again with full breaths!