My album saga concludes.

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    My album saga concludes.

    So almost a year and a half after my wedding I've finally finsihed my wedding album(s).Due to issues with my photographer that I won't go into here, I decided to put together my own album. (My photographer does give the rights to her photos and the negatives with the package.) Here are a few pictures of how the 2 turned out... I'm pretty happy and glad I finally finished. I love photos and knew I'd want to have an album.I had always had in mind that I wanted a matted album. I was unable to find exacly what I wanted in a DIY format, but I did end up settling on a nice alternative from�(Still matted, but not what I had initially envisioned.)�I got the pictures developed at both Hunt's in Kenmore Square (recommended to me by a photographer friend) and through mpix. (I had a combination of film and digital photos.) I was also able to use some photos that a friend who is a photographer by hobby took. (Part of my issues- my friend got�better pictures of some of the "big moments" like our first dance and walking down the aisle than my photographer...)�I decided to make our parents' albums on Shutterfly. After spending all the time putting them together, I decided I wanted one too, so I also ordered one of those. I made our parents' albums 8x8 and mine 12x12, and now after getting them, I wish I had ordered them 12x12 too, but they still turned out nice.Finally, I do want to say that creating a matted album was LOTS of time and money. I probably spent 30 hours on it, plus the amount of money I paid for all of the photos and the album itself. If I had been happier with my photographer, I would have gladly paid her to make the album. I can now see why the albums cost $1000+ from the photographers!The Shutterfly albums were a little easier, but I do feel that there is something to be said for the touch up and artistic work that most photographers would do on a magazine style album. Plus, my photos were both in digital and film (something that if I could go back and do it again I would NOT choose) which made it more complicated to put together a digital album like the one through Shutterfly and other online vendors.�

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    My album saga concludes.

    I agree.� Those look so good, I want a copy of them!

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    My album saga concludes.

    Congrats on getting the albums done.� I am considering doing one as well for myself and my soon to be hubby.� I am expecting it to be time consuming, that is not my conern.� I also get the rights to my images so that is very nice.� But how was to work with?� Did things come when they said they would, how was their customer service?

    Do you mind asking which style did you get?� Renaissance or the other?� And did you get the leather cover or the Durapelle?� That is my only hesitation is that I can't see and feel the covers and mats.� If you got the Durapelle what is it like in person?

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    My album saga concludes.

    Thanks for all the praise. :) I worked so hard on them, I'm glad you all think they turned out well. :-)

    Wendy, I did get the Renaissance album- I chose the library bound one because I did want it to look as professional as possible. I got the leather cover. While they do have a money back guarentee, I wanted to get the embossing on the cover which you can NOT return. So I went back and forth for many of the same reasons you listed as to whether or not I wanted to get this album. What I ended up doing was ordering 2 or 3 mats to see what kind of quality they were and how they looked with photos in them. Only then did I decide to order the whole album.

    I did what the other poster did and used the list of mats to decide my layout before I put it together. I really spent A LOT of time designing and then redesigning before I even ordered, and then even afterwards I ended up going back and ordering a few more mats because I decded after seeing it I wanted something different.

    Everything I ordered came VERY quickly- less than a week, even the embossed album itself. I did email at one point because the style album I wanted had silver embossed mats and I wanted black and they emailed me back right away and told me how to do the order so I could get what I wanted.

    It really was a good experience and I'm very pleased with the outcome. HTH!

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    My album saga concludes.

    Tinshee's husband is a super hottie!!!�;)