Hi Everyone,

Just went to "school" for work at the Nine Zero Hotel, and thought i'd do a review which may help someone.

Their 3rd floor is their "function/meeting space", and got the impression they definetly cater to the very small business meeting sector. Their website states they can do wedding receptions, but i'm not sure which room they'd use for a reception. again, i thought it was real small for a wedding reception. they could easily do a bridal shower of up to 50 people.

I found their staff very friendly and helpful. they had a gentleman assigned to our meeting and I found him quite attentive to the needs of our group, keeping the water, juice, coffee, tea and sodas flowing throughout the day and he really kept the room clean, promptly removing used glasses, dishes, napkins, etc. their doorman was also a wonderfully pleasant gentleman. their smoking area is heated.

their pasta salad and deli platter were yummy...they also had frosted brownies which were yummy too.

this hotel also blends real well into the area, and would never think it was a hotel when looking at it.