non white wedding dress

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    non white wedding dress

    I'm blanking right now on who, but one of the women on these boards is wearing a red dress.

    There are many designers now who make color wedding dresses, in pretty much every color of the rainbow. I would just start searching through the knot or the wedding channel or david's to check out some styles/designers.

    Alternatively, there is always the bridesmaid dress route, which would open up every color imaginable and probably save you a large chunk of change.

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    non white wedding dress

    There are many, many bridal dresses out there in non-white tones. Lots of golds, pinks, platinums, even reds.... check out the Maggie Sottero website. If you don't see any of the colored bridal dresses you like, take a look at bridesmaid dresses- some of them are quite fancy and they come in just about every color/combination imaginable. Other than that, you can wear whatever you'd like- a dress doesn't have to be labeled bridal to be your wedding dress! :)
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    non white wedding dress

    My dress is a light apricot color. White just isn't my color, and I think that the color suits me much better...I'm having it made, so I got to go and pick out my own fabric, which was really fun. I held them all up to my face and could see what washed me out/what looked good...
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    non white wedding dress

    Hi, its me Meg, I'm wearing an apple red wedding gown. I really love it. I got it at Davids Bridal in Danvers last year. I tried it on in white which was the only color they had in stock but I am not a "white gown" kind of a girl. I asked if it came in another color and they said yes, I thought they would say cream, off white. They came back with red! They had to order it from another store but I got it and it fit perfect. I tried on all the dresses they had with red on them and they and they were white with red accents.

    I would post a picture of my dress but I can never remember how.

    Meg 10/31/08 apple red dress