October 27 wedding review from Austengir

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    October 27 wedding review from Austengir

    Yeah! I am so excited still about this past weekend and how wonderful everything was! Itdefenitly was the best weekend of my life so far but I am also relieved that it is all over.

    As FOB said in her review, Saturday was a washout - it poured the entire day where I was in North Conway/Jackson area. So to begin in case anyone needs or would like further reviews let me know. I will brush over some as they are so far away.

    Stonehurst Manor for the Rehearsal Dinner was amazing - the food was yummy and everyone loved the atmosphere. After the dinner we all went back to the hotel where the reception was and most people were staying. That evening was SO much fun. We were able to have a few drinks, greet people as they arrived and chit chat for a while in a casual, relaxed manor. It was an amazing way to begin the weekend. Plus people were so happy to see us before Saturday, it really made the weekend feel how we wanted it to feel - like a big get together.

    Saturday I wake up to torrential down pours. The salon - Debony Healthy Hair was amazing they let us hang around inside as our original plan had been to do some outdoor shots of the girls. They were so easy going and welcoming. They were even offereing to run out and pick us up some ginger ale ( my bridesmaid was WAY overserved Friday night).

    The church was amazing - everyone commented on how much fun and meaningful the ceremony was - the pastor was a HUGE hit! He started off chastizing me for being late and apologizing to me as rain on a wedding day means great fertility in his culture. He did forget the ring ceremony but after a quick reminder by me he went back and made a joke about his excitement over the rain! Plus my now DH and I got to do the whole "you may now kiss" part twice - how could I complain!

    The Limo Driver - from Shuttle In Style out of Dover NH A+++++++ was by far the best limo I have ever had. The limo arrived on time, clean, all parts working. As he was waiting for us to be ready, he would get out into the pouring rain to open the salon door and shelter people with his umbrella as they entered and left the salon. He also walked guests back to their carrs with his umbrellas after the ceremony as we were doing our recieving line. During pics as we were going to get some outdoors no matter the weather he stood in the rain helping to shelter the wewdding party and he gave one of my bm's his long overcoat to wear to stay warm. Just above and beyond. He made what would of been a nasty day a tolerable day weather wise. Mark the owner was also very accomidating with some last minute changes we made.

    Tim Shellmer Photography - A+++++++ - he travels and is worth every penny we paid him. He was at the Rehearsal on Friday, at the Salon even before I was on Saturday, calmed me down when I was running late, helped me get my bracelet on when noone could figure out the clasp and was everywhere! He kept checking in to see if we had had enough outdoor photos as they were quite cold, made sure I was ok with putting my dress on the ground or trodding through wet muddy grass, he was very accomidating to others also taking their own photos and tried to grab setups that others used too. He even used a guest's digital camera for one shot that he had set up! He was all smiles from 7:30 am till he left after 8pm. He even grabbed us after he had put all his stuff away because the clouds had finally broke and set us up outside for some shots under a full moon! I cant even count how many times he set up and broke down his stuff because of another pic request. He was just amazing!!!!!

    Meg Simone A+++ Video and will probably recieve more pluses once we see the video. Same as Tim above - these two were just wonderful wonderful people who were genuienly excited to be part of the wedding. We even recieved a wonderful note on Sunday thanking us for including her on our day. She was everywhere Tim was - trodding out in the rain to take footage of the day and the location, standing in the rain taking shots of us just inside the church, in the woods, under the covered bridge. She also saved my suprise of a grooms cake by catching my dh and keeping him away from the cakes! Just like tim very quick thinking, unobtrusive and wonderful to work with!

    Both Tim and Meg travel so I would recommend looking into them as not only did they recieve compliments from the guests they are just amzing people.

    White Mountain Hotel A++++++++ I can not say enough about Linda the coordinator, the venue including the people behind the desk, the housekeeping, the servers, food and bev mmgr etc. They were all just wonderful people who fulfilled every request. Knowing we were out in the cold rain they had hot apple cider and a fire waiting for the bridal party when we arrived back, they made sure we knew when our food was served, they were there = I never noticed anything wrong wor whatever and that is because Linda was awesome at predicting every need and want and fulfilling that before we needed to ask. She also moved furniture sso I could sit infront of the fire to dry out my soaked wedding dress while getting photos done - it was just amazing. Everyone loved the day. The food and bev mgr even bought my DH shots later that night while everyone was just hanging around watching the sox game later that night! I cant even go on as to how wonderful this place was!

    Bill Marino - DJ A+++++++ - he is out of the Cape so a local vendor. He was awsome. He used little bits of what we had told him during our meetings to really personalize the event. And when he played a song we had requested he mentioined it so we would know it was being played if he had not done this I probably would not of noticed as I was going the entire time. He also had so many people dancing it was great.

    Ruthie's Florist - B - The flowers were really pretty but they did not do the right flower for the grooms bout and never told me and they missed 3 coursages.

    Favorite Memories: Pulling up to the church and seeing my In Laws, the groomsmen and my uncle all standing there waiting from me - with huge smile on their faces. Holding my DH's hand when I got to him during the cereomony and the look on his face - the entire ceremony, walking into the hotel after pics and everyone cheering and clapping and so happy, DH's face when he saw the groomscake and our first dance.

    Sorry so long I am still living in the moment :)

    Word of advice be prepared for stuff to not go perfectly, prearrange with your FI what to expect during the reception - do you sit and eat and mingle later, is there a song you dance together for - I did not see DH all that much during the reception. And enjoy!

    Edit: Forgot to add Madeline's Daughter for the dress A+++ I worked with Christine and she was just wonderful

    Josephine the Dress Maker out of Revere - I went to her privately but she also works through Precious Memories - I had so many comments about how well my dress fit. I also had one girl who is planning her own wedding insist I had had to have had the dress made for me. She also made the bustle fool proof for my mom and mil. She was absolutetly wonderful!

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    October 27 wedding review from Austengir

    Congrats! It sounds like you had a great wedding. Can you provide the contact info for your dj? Thanks!
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    October 27 wedding review from Austengir

    Angel - Your sister was awsome! She knew exactly which dress I would choose even when I did not - yet she never pressured me. I have raved about her in many other threads - definetly did not give her the props she deserves in this one...I just felt my post was getting too long.

    Congrats on your engagement - I had heard that! Very exciting.