OT-American Idol

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    OT-American Idol

    Ok, this is my very first post ever, but I can't go another minute without discussing American Idol.Luckily, I missed the first 3 singers, because the few seconds of Jason and Brooke I saw in the recap was so painful I literally cringed.� So, my humble opinions are as follows:Brooke and Jason:� As above, did not see entire performances, but what I saw was really, really bad.� Then I heard Brooke had to start over.� On one hand, at least she knew enough to do so, but on the other hand, if this lady wants to me a musical sensation, that seems a bit inappropriate at this level in the competition.� Sooooo glad I did not have to hear Simon's comments (and Paula's, which is such drivel that I can't even listen).Syesha:� This girl has all the makings of a star, but can't seem to pull it off.� I guess she just does not have that star quality.David A:� Though this was his kind of music, but quite frankly, every single song he sings sounds the same.� Something's missing.� I think its confidenceCarly:� Best song choice, best performance, but still not outstanding.� She has the best stage presence and a pretty voice, but I think she is just missing something.� Loved the dress, but it should have been low cut.David C:� It was ok, but again, I think he sounds off key some of the time.� I agreed with Simon--he did ok with a song that is not his genre--would have liked to hear something more lively.Also, enough with the ballads already, these people do not have big enough voices for them.� Plus the songs they are making them cover--its also so painful.� The Beatles--who wrote songs for themselves.� Mariah Carey--who has a big voice and a huge range.� ALW--who basically writes theatrical opera?� They should be singing Kelly Clarkson songs.� Or Partridge Family songs.� Now that, I could dig.

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    OT-American Idol

    The more I watch this season, the more I think it's the worst season ever.Syesha - I thought she was better than usual last night, but I still don't like her.� It was nice to see her actually smile for one, though.Jason - I thought he was awfulBrooke - terrible, and I'm ready for her to go homeCarly - I thought she was the best one last night, but I still wouldn't vote for herDavid A - ehDavid C - last night wasn't his best, but he's still my favorite.

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    OT-American Idol

    I clearly could not be an AI judge because I mostly like their performances and don't see too much to criticize.� I actually thought Brooke was really good and I forgot very quickly that she had to start over!� I also love that song that she did so that helped.� My friend and I were e-mailing each other this morning and she had to call me to ask if I was crazy because I liked Brooke!Thought Jason was not good - not on board with him anyway but he definitely picked the wrong song.� Too bad you missed it Ash because the funniest part was Andrew Lloyd Webber telling him that this song is sung by an older, diva-ish "glamourpuss" (It's from Cats but you probably knew that).� So then you see Jason in an interview talking about how he doesn't really know how a cat would sing, but....Yeah.� That bad.David A - meh, like you said, sounds the sameLoved Carly, Loved Syesha - that girl could just walk onto a Broadway stage right now.� She definitely found her niche.I think we will be saying bye-bye to either Jason or Brooke.� I hope it's Jason, his time is up.

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    OT-American Idol

    books, the only time I actually like Brooke was when she sang "Jolene".� I thought that was great, even though the judges were not big fans of it.� But then I realized she always sounds the same.The other thing I noticed about both David� A and Jason is that they are "breathy", they don't seem to know how to breathe when they sing these songs.

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    OT-American Idol

    OMG - are you kidding?� I missed Andrew Lloyd Webber night?� Who the heck is picking the themes this year - some deranged circus clown?I have to go find the play list (and sign up for tivo)!!!��

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    OT-American Idol

    All you need is You Tube..... ALW was the best mentor ever because he actual gave them tips and didn't just fawn over them.� I don't have all the song names but I did include the musical that they sang from.

    Carly � � Jesus Christ Superstar ��� http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bV-jUAVgiD0
    Brooke�� Evita��� http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtQZ7Vc0_mQ
    Jason ��� Cats � http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVidOcvkIb4
    David A�� Phantom � http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7jzNIP2_xA
    David C� Phantom� http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOcpwazvTwU
    Syesha�� Starlight Express� http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2QRmVFOr2I

    I really liked Syesha, she is not pop but has a good voice, I think she could do well in theater.� I also like Carly and I normally don't have a strong opinion on her either way.

    I hated Jason please sign Memories up as a song not to sing along with anything by Queen.� Brooke, I like her but she had the awful start, because she forgot the lyrics and restarted and you could tell she was nervous the whole time and the whole thing was not good.

    David A...I am off his bandwagon I am glad he opened his eyes but the breath thing gets to me too.

    David C...I love the musical but I can't stand the music from Phantom on its own but he did a good job with it, not my favorite but better than most none the less.

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    OT-American Idol

    Yeah Ash, the breathy thing was getting to me with Jason.� I kind of tune out David A at this point - I'm definitely not in his target demographic!I know so many people that think Syesha has an attitude of superiority - I don't see it!� I thought last night she was just brilliant.

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    OT-American Idol

    Syesha was the best last night.� The whole package, strong vocal, sexy, moved well on the stage.� Too bad she had to go first.Jason - my�real cat could have sung Memory better than that.� Horrible.� But I loved the line: "I didn't realize it was sung by a cat." or whatever he said.� Should have done his homework...Brooke - her "Flashdance" moment shocked me.� Unfortunately she won't get the Hollywood ending.� I'm sorry to see her go because I do like her.David A - wrong song - should have done something from Technicolor Dreamcoat.� Or at least something written by a man.� All his stuff sounds the same.Carly - I think she is screechy and totally missed the point of the song.� Superstar was sung by Judas in the musical - It's an angry, accusatory song - not a rousing rock anthem.� This is where she needed the tone and mood she used when she sang "The Show Must Go On."David C. - Loved this.� No one can touch Michael Crawford - he owns that song - but�David showed some range, and the ability to sing something "straight" without turning it into a brooding rock tune.Brooke is going home - perhaps it's for the best - she doesn't seem to have the emotional chops for this level of the competition.I'm glad they did some showtunes for once.� Half these kids end up on Broadway anyway.

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    OT-American Idol

    Wendy, I just wanted to thank you for posting the links to watch the performances from last night.� I am in the minority here when I say I don't watch the show but I am a HUGE fan of Broadway and wanted to hear what songs they chose.� So thanks again!

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    OT-American Idol

    I can't decide if this has become a popularity contest, or there is some group of people set on having a Sanjaya-like American Idol, or America has truly lost their collective minds.I think David A should go home of his own accord because on every elimination show, he looks like he is going to faint.� One of these times he really is going to.� And Brooke knows she should be at home now.I thought they might not send anyone home last night, just to keep the real talent in there.� But then, if the producers had any brains they would not have sent Michael Johns home when they had a chance to save him.Poor Ryan, I am starting to feel bad for him.� He has a shocked look of disbelief on his face every single show now.� Also feeling bad for the judges (well except Paula who seems to thrive on this) because they now have to sit through 5 weeks of mediocre talent.� At least I can change the channel when it gets too painful.� Not that I do, because its like a bad car wreck, you just can't look away.I thin AI needs to take a loooooong hiatus after this.� The�genre is getting old.�

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    OT-American Idol

    Any time you open it up to the public to vote it becomes a popularity contest, after the first few eliminations done soley by the judges it changes from a talent competition to a popularity contest.� But really that is part of the Pop world.� People that take the time to vote are also the people that will most likely take the time to purchase, concert tickets, music etc, so it makes a certain amount of business sense to make it a popularity contest.� All your market research is given a jump start by the show.

    If it makes you feel any better votefortheworst.com has Brooke as their pick and had her for a while, so that supports your Sanjaya theory.

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    OT-American Idol

    I think certain contestants have huge fan bases that will do whatever they need to to keep their favorite on the show.� Carly and Syesha haven't really connected with audiences to the point that they have such support.� Brooke and Jason have.Carly chose a song this week from a controversial musical (possibly the most controversial song from JCS) that, in addition to the tattoos, may have been too much, finally, for so-called "middle America".� I liked her personality, and thought she had a great voice, but except for Come Together and JCS, didn't think she really performed all that well.Syesha comes across--to me, at least--as arrogant, above it all, and snotty.� She sang an ALW song that wasn't really well known, and she sang first this week.� Couldn't have helped.Jason has the tween and teenage girls voting for him.� And they vote endlessly.I don't know about Brooke.� I like her musical style, and I think Simon hit the nail on the head when he commented that messing up made her seem human (or words to that effect).� They seriously need to consider limiting votes like Dancing with the Stars does.� They might get more realistic results.

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    OT-American Idol

    I would like that too, honestly.� Seems like it would be a lot simpler