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OT Car Update

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    OT Car Update

    Hey Gals,

    Just wanted to post for the 3rd time how grateful I am for all of your support and advice while I was car shopping/recovering from the accident.

    I bought a 2005 Honda Accord!

    Thanks again!

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    OT Car Update

    good to hear ralphluv..

    is considering a Honda Civic...DH isn't too happy as he feels its "too small" and he "wants me to be in a larger car that has more protection in an accident"...

    thoughts, ideas, opinions anyone?

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    OT Car Update

    Some of the newer civics are bigger, but they are a little small.

    If you go certified used, you can get an accord for a good price.

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    OT Car Update

    Congrats on the car, I'm sure you're glad that ordeal is over with! Good luck with your new car!
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    OT Car Update

    I can say that I have never regretted buying my 2001 civic. I bought it when I was single and LOVED the great mileage and the little bit of pep that it has and it was just a comfy car for me. Then i got married and while my husband loves how economical it is; he isn't terribly comfortable in it. We drive to NC to see friends every once in a while and the 13 hour ride in a civic was a little much for him..he is 6'1" and his knees were always up against the dash with the seat ALL the way back. SO if your DH is a tall man..he may not be happy in the long run if he rides shot gun or even drives your car frequently. The only drawback now is that we now have a son and when his car seat was rear LORD it took up half of our space in the front seat too...there just isn't a whole lot of room there between the back and the fronts seats. now that he is forward facing there is no problem...have contemplated getting a bigger car the next time around. But all in all I LOVE My civic and 120,000 miles later it has given me NO problems..the only $$ put in has been regular maintenance.
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    OT Car Update

    I'd feel safer in a Civic than most any big American car, but check out Consumer Reports to see what they say, or the NTSB. (i guess it would be .gov.)

    I have a '95 Camry that I love, love, love. Bought it 4 years ago for 4K and it's great in every way (except that it's not a convertible.)

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    OT Car Update

    I missed it! But hope you're okay! Congrats on the new-to-you car- that one should last a long time :)
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    OT Car Update

    What! You didn't buy my suggestion--a 2001 Ford Windstar that just needed its transmission replaced and probably has a cracked suspension? Yeesh.

    I'm jealous ;-)