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    OT- Comcast

    Brilliant:Tuesday, October 16, 2007Comcast must dieSource: BuzzMachineàor if they're smart, listen. Jeff Jarvis points us to Bob Garfield (Co-host of NPR's On the Media) who has started a blog called Comcast must die. His aim? To get Comcast customers to vent their issues and frustrations openly with the hope that Comcast will listen, clean up their act and create an oxymoron - a good cable company. In fact, Garfield invites people to include their customer number when they post. Jeff Jarvis posts his wishlist for a great cable company and two of them top my list as well: "Let me choose what channels I get," and "offer wi-fi all over my town and to come to roaming agreements that let me get wi-fi anywhere I travel."

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    OT- Comcast

    Not bad not bad. I have to say we have Verizon now for cable/internet and I think it might be even worse than Comcast!
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    OT- Comcast

    I have Verizon Fios now and I love it. WAY better than Comcast. The deciding factor for us was when we got a thing in the mail in June announcing that if we wanted the NFL network, we would have to subscribe to a "sports package" that included 5 spanish-speaking channels. We found out Fios was offered in our town and signed up for it immediately.

    The picture is better and every channel is digital. Framerican, you may want to contact Verizon if there is a technical problem. I've found them to be very responsive and helpful.

    Our internet connection is instant and we've never been disconnected whereas the Comcast connection s&cked and kept disconnecting all the time.

    Comcast will finally sit up and take notice once Fios is offered in all towns. Right now they still have the monopoly. It's my understanding that not all towns offer Fios because it's fiber-optic cable that goes underground and in order to agree to have Verizon do the required digging, towns/cities want something in return. But if enough people let their town government know they want it, I'm sure that will help.

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    OT- Comcast

    Comcast is bad, but someone would have to be paying me to ever go back to anything Verizon. Comcast's customer service is bad, but, Verizon's is nonexistant.

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    OT- Comcast

    Hi there booklover, We have FIOS too. The TV really does come in so much clearer. Our internet connection, however, s-u-cks!! It's always cutting out and when I call them, they just tell me to turn off the router and turn it back on again. Yes, it usually works, but should I have to do that ALL the time? Oh well, I could have worse things to complain about :o)

    Oh and they tried to charge me $50 for an outlet they didn't actually install and they charged me an activation fee for the internet that was never disclosed... But then again all companies pull that crap.

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    OT- Comcast

    we had comcast..and wound up switching to RCN about a year and a half ago...and love RCN.

    when we had comcast, there was a perpetual issue...we only wanted "basic" cable w/o the box. their service in our area..and building was scant, at best, and was always going out, and our bill was always going up..

    our bill has gone up $6. in the year and a half we've had RCN cable, and there is no issue w/the fact we don't have their box. we added/bundled our internet w/them and the bill went up only $4., our cable hasn't gone down, our internet service has gone down twice since we've had them, and was back within 10 minutes..on their end....we've been happy w/RCN...