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OT - Horrors, A Typed Thank you

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    OT - Horrors, A Typed Thank you

    ����� I seem to be at least half asleep all the time, a� typical state for a nursing Mommy.� I can't believe�our babies are a week old.��Our �little girl lost a little� weight at first but overall has gained an ounce.� Our son has gained 5 oz!�� I can see my feet, but after one look in a hand� mirror at my hollow cheeks� and the bags under my eyes,� I decided to wait a week before I look again.���� Last night, our first home,�� for the first time��� my every hour-and-a-half (2 at night) feeder� son�went to sleep at 11 pm, just after his sister, and� did not wake us until 4 am.� After rousing us all, and changing and feeding, the household was all asleep just after 5, and woke to the smell of coffee and something baking...just after 9am.����� Boy, has my world gotten small, when my big news is SLEEP.�� Wag printed out� and delivered� so many nice messages from you last week,� and I want to thank you all.
    ��� Our house news has changed lots, and I seem to have nodded and said okay a lot all week, but the final thing is, ourshort term lease allows us to give notice in 2 week increments in the last 2 months, because the adult children of the people we let from consider their parent's lakehouse theirs when the weather warms up.� So to save the extra rent of� �$2100 and get our security back earlier, we are out of here when a moving truck� comes Friday.� My hubby said he would hire packers if necessary, and we had some of my family and� Wag's say they would help.���� Saturday� and Sunday�� the elves came.� When I got home Sunday afternoon at 3 pm (when originally I was to be at a pre-birth baby shower)� the entire place was packed, except�two beds, �and� a couch and rockers and our chaises, dishes for 8, towels and 5 days clothes.� And baby stuff.� 1/2 the main room lengthwise, and a bedroom, is cleaned furniture and packed�boxes under a couple� of tarps and sheets. 1 tv, 1 CD player, 1 computer, and 10 paperback books, (and a� tables and chairs left by the owners.)

    ���� Hubby had this funny look, like he was waiting for me to freak.� I'm all smiles.
    Happiness is, moving with no packing and no cleaning.� With 2 newborns, and hubby working 4 days this week,� my grandfather and I will more than get by with this very nice home aide an agency is sending mornings all week, courtesy of my parents.
    ���� Time to go, my hungry boy is gnawing at my grandfather's finger, getting nothing.� And��squawking� like a seagull!��� Thank you all, again,�� L�B

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    OT - Horrors, A Typed Thank you

    ��� Congratulations - on everything, Sarabth.� Wishing you all of the happiness in the world!