Photographer under $2500

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    Photographer under $2500

    Hi All,

    Looking for a photographer under $2500. The one I had my heart set on is booked for my date. She had a photojournalistic style. Any recommendations? I tried Jeff Turner, but he is also booked for my date. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks everyone!
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    Photographer under $2500

    We paid $2300 for Matt Flynn. We got his mid-level priced package. he was fantastic! I love my photos and he is so easy to work with. HTH!
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    Photographer under $2500

    I used David from Amore Photography, he was great. He had a great attitude and I am very happy with the results of the pictures. I know he is under $2500.00

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    Photographer under $2500

    I have recommended this a few time and this is how we obtained our photography team... if you place a ad with the New England School of Photography career office they will send this ad out to all of their alumni. You can even give an option to have them allow students view the ad and reply; however this is something you select when you submit the ad. The great thing about this is the photographers come to you once they view the ad. The will send you to their websites or send you portfolios. In 2 days we had at minimum (5) photographer email and call. We met with each of them; most were well known studios for weddings in the Boston area.

    In my ad I requested photojournalistic style as well as any other artistic styles they wanted to recommend, 2 photographers minimum, 8+ hours, unlimited photos, engagement session, and all photographs handed over in hi-res on CD with printing rights (as I plan to do my own album and coffee book). My budget was $1200 and that is what we are paying. The photographer we chose are awesome! If you go to their site their wedding packages actually start at 3k... however the reason the answer the ads is this guarantees them to book a wedding on a weekend they may not have one. So either way they are getting a job and money.

    If you want more info on how to place the ad email me and I will send along directions.... it is pretty easy to find on the NESOP website.

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    Photographer under $2500

    hi there.. I would love to do t his for my wedding... could you send me a link or how to do this.!!!


    my email is

    Thanks again!!!

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    Photographer under $2500

    I used 71 West Photography for my May wedding and we paid $1750 for 6 hours of coverage and 800 photos, which includes a DVD and copyrights to the photos. Ask for Rachael Austin. She was so easy to work with on my wedding day and the pictures were fabulous - we were so happy with everything.
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    Photographer under $2500 Peter Wasylak very reasonable pricing, all day covereage.
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    Photographer under $2500

    We used Michelle Debakey and we paid around $2500. She was great and has a very photojournalistic style.

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    Photographer under $2500

    Look at he is doing my daughter's wedding. The engagement photos turned out great. Laid back,
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    Photographer under $2500

    I was looking for the same kind of thing. Here are some names of people that I got (mostly recommended from this board) who were under $2500 for 6-8 hours of photography and a DVD of the images:

    Megan Elizabeth Dupuis
    Mollie Filmore
    Cristina Hajosy
    Kevin Jacobus
    Sue Lynch
    Laura Beals
    Hull Grenier
    Dorie Lynn

    We ended up going with Mollie Filmore, who seems great and was well recommended. (Haven't gotten married yet, so can't give a real recommendation!)
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    Photographer under $2500

    Try Jessica Fineran. She's fairly new, so her prices are still reasonable. We just took engagment photos with her this weekend. She's fun to work with, and we had a lot of fun.
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    Photographer under $2500

    rupert whiteley in RI does beautiful photos and i think he can work something out with you

    google rupert whiteley photography
    his stuff is gorgeous
    he just did my friends weddings