Pine Hills Golf Club

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    Pine Hills Golf Club

    Hello! Has anyone ever been to a wedding or gotten married at the Pine Hills Golf Club in Plymouth? What did you think? Any info would be great. Thanks

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    Pine Hills Golf Club

    Well, I'm going to one there in May, so if you can wait that long, I'll report back! :)
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    Pine Hills Golf Club

    Hi there,

    I got married there in Nov 06 and have nothing but excellent things to say. I worked with Zak and I highly suggest working with him too. He was professional and calm, two things I needed (: DH and I worried for nothing when it came to our reception and I give all the credit to the venue. The food was great- we offered filet and a chicken dish, dinner was really complete- We had soup, salad, main course, dessert and cake. Zak was careful to keep us posted on our bar tab (which we were able to keep open all night). They let us have early access to the room (we did our own chair covers, which I do suggest if you don't want the green ones in your color scheme), gave us freedom to decorate the room (we lined gourds along the windows) and even took care of our fresh carved illuminated pumpkins day of. We were the only wedding all weekend and we felt we were treated like royalty. It was worth EVERY PENNY. And not for nothing, but it was a lot less expensive than most venues we visited.

    Maybe ask more specific questions and I'll see if I can answer them, but I say don't worry. I think our friends and family were treated very well on our wedding day and really felt like we made our guests a priority, since that was our main goal. In the meantime, here's some vendor stuff:

    Cake: The one thing I didn't use was Creative Baking, their cake people. When I called to make appointments, the staff was rude to me about the fact that I was a working student and DH was a full time worker too. They seemed to expect us to take a day off to taste cake, which didn't impress me. We don't live on the Cape. We went with Judy at "Piece of Cake" (in Plymouth) and I suggest using her. Cake was designed from a picture I clipped from a magazine. I thought it was perfect and tasty one year later. I plan on using her again for DH birthday/anniversary. It's worth the drive to Plymouth for her service.

    Florist: Also the florist. We used Maureen at Martin's Flowers right in Pine Hills. I found many of the Plymouth florists to be more local, smaller dealers. But Maureen was my FAVORITE vendor. Her prices were fair, my bouquet was perfect and she was able to do exactly what we were hoping (vibrant fall flowers in a rectangle vase with cranberries filling the base).

    Linens: chair covers online. They were cheaper than who PH suggested and they shipped everything to us in good condition. We did them ourselves but it really didn't take that long. Two days before DH, my mom, her good friend and I did them all. Easy and inexpensive. We had the entire day before the wedding to relax and carve our pumpkins (11 which read "Just Married")... it was a guest favorite and ours.

    Okay, sorry this was long. I never did a wedding review after my wedding, but this can serve as one I guess (: Good luck and let me know if you want help or have questions.


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    Pine Hills Golf Club

    Carolyn, thank you soo much for all of the information. I think that the chairs definately need covers. Why green? The place they suggest wants about $5 a chair. Yikes. Do you remember who you used? Was it hard to tie the bow on the back? I love the pumpkin idea. I thought about using them as my vase but I never thought about carving them and putting a tea light in it. The gourds along the back are a nice idea or maybe even at the bar. Did the entrance way have pumpkins and mums? I haven't met Zac. I met two girls. Did you give your stuff to them to decorate the room with? I am looking at a Friday night. That's good to know about Creative Baking. You're giving these people soo much money, you think that they could be nice to you. Do you have any pictures? I would love to see them. My e mail is Thanks, again.

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    Pine Hills Golf Club

    cld and helpplz,

    i linked you both into some of my wedding pictures. i hope you findthem helpful. sorry there are so many, i'm actually still trying tonarrow them down to a reasonable number. (i know, it's been over ayear... but it's on my to do list.)

    okay helpplz, your questions. why green? hah, i have no idea. hatedthem. we went with and i'm about 99% sure we paidway less than $5/chair. the covers themselves took about 10 seconds perchair to put on. the bows were a little tougher, but not impossible. ifyou have a crafty BM or friend, bring them along and them treat them tolunch. we had around 180 chairs to do and it took less than a fewhours. i have no idea what the entrance had, but not pumpkins. we putour pumpkins out back facing the windows. i did give the staff all mydecorating stuff for storage and then DH and i laid everything outourselves the day before the wedding. there really wasn't much and itdidn't take long.

    someone else mentioned the columns at some point. we didn't find themto be a problem. we put our head table in between the columns but idon't think the view was obstructed at all.

    okay so that's about it. hope that helps you both out. good luck and email me through my profile if you need anything else.