PLAYA del Carmen

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    PLAYA del Carmen

    We booked our honeymoon for playa del carmen for june!!, we're staying at a hotel called La Tortuga.. . so excited..
    but ive never been to mexico.. anyone been there and know any fun things to do or any specific tips??
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    PLAYA del Carmen

    hi, we stayed at a different resort during a trip that i took with my family, but we loved playa and would definitely recommend it to anyone!

    there is great shopping (especially for silver) on 5th ave. we also took a boat trip to cozumel which had more shopping and some cute restaurants.

    there is also a great water park:

    we also went to the mayan ruins and thought it was gorgeous, but no need for the guided tour - once you see 1-2 ruins, they all look the same.

    and, of course enojoy chilling on the beach and relaxing at the resort. you'll love it!

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    PLAYA del Carmen

    Judy, what a great choice you have made! We were there two years ago, and after months of looking at other destinations, just booked Mexico again for our honeymoon in November!

    My biggest piece of advice: book a private tour to get out and see the local culture and hidden areas! We used this company that was simply amazing. You get picked up by a driver at your resort, head to a cenote to snorkel, to a private lagoon to snorkel, the Tulum ruins, zip-lining, a local beach restuarant, wherever you want! The price was right and the experience was one of a lifetime. The company is run by a Mexican gentleman and an American woman. Website is

    Other than that, make sure you hit up 5th ave both during the day AND at night. Countless restaurants and bars to go to at night and shopping during the day. Xel Ha and Xcaret I heard are not to miss as well. We may try and go to one this time around.

    Let me know if you have any other questions! You will have a blast! CONGRATS!
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    PLAYA del Carmen

    I went there in April for my bachelorette party. We went on an adventure tour of the cenotes, ruins, ziplining, etc through, and sat on the beach for a bit. Wish we had more time to visit Xel Ha cuz I heard it was awesome, and snorkel off the coast of Cozumel. The world's second largest reef is supposedly right there. We went to a fun little Mayan restaurant off of 5th Ave call Ajua, where the waiters bring your drinks out balanced on their heads. The tallest stack was 5 drinks tall, and he went to the second floor to deliver the drinks!
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    PLAYA del Carmen

    I just got back from Playa last night! (I need to write my full review soon)! We stayed at the Royal Hideaway ( and loved it! Not just did I love the resort, but i loved the town and the adventures we did! We booked it through olympus tours and swam with the dolphins, saw some ruins and did Xel-Ha water park for snorkling and a lazy river tubing ride.

    We never made into the town, but heard it was great for some good shopping!

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    PLAYA del Carmen

    My FI and I are staying at Secrets Capri in Playa del Carmen this June!

    We arent planning on doing too much other than relaxing, swimming and eating but we do want to do a tour of the Talum ruins, a snorkeling trip and my FI really wants to do a zip line or cliff jump.
    He will be my DH by then though!